Duke Wins NCAA Championship in Thriller

The Duke Blue Devils surprised no one with their win over the Butler Bulldogs in the NCAA Tournament's National Championship Game Monday night, ESPN said. What did surprise people, however, was the unexpected run made by the Bulldogs, and the fight they put up in the championship game.
Duke took the title with a score of 61-59 in what Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski called "a historic game, a benchmark game," Yahoo! News said, but Butler never made it easy, shaving a five-point deficit to just one, and almost won it.
Butler forward Gordon Hayward threw a wild, half-court shot at the buzzer for the win, that hit the backboard, then the rim, and just barely missed the net, securing Duke's victory.
The win marks the end to one of the most surprising and memorable NCAA Tournaments ever. There were huge upsets, close games, and underdogs gaining bids to the tournament that many believed would never get there (like the Gophers).
Butler, with 4,200 students enrolled at the private school, is the smallest school to ever play in the NCAA Tournament Championship Game. This win is Duke's fourth national title.

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