Washburn Football Player Hopes for Full Recovery

Six weeks ago, Montrell Wade, Washburn Senior High football star was shot in the face. Today, his mother says he hopes to return to the field, Kare 11 said.
Wade was recently moved out of the intensive care unit, after having half his skull removed. Kare 11 said bits of bone and bullet fragments are still lodged in his brain.
Wade was awaken from a medically-induced coma two weeks ago, and has since been able to give one-word answers to questions and make hand gestures. On Wednesday, he will undergo another surgery to replace his skull.
Doctors say he is a "remarkable case of survival," and his family calls him a miracle.
The shooting, said to be accidental, happened on Feb. 20 at Wade's uncle's house, where he and friends were said to have been playing with a gun, when it went off, shooting Wade, Fox 9 News said.
Wade's uncle, Andrew Moore, said he opened his door and the other kids ran. That's when he saw Wade on the floor bleeding.
Police say they are still actively investigating the incident.

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