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6 Dead in Head-On Crash; Alcohol May Be Involved

A total of 6 people were killed Sunday morning when a car filled with teenagers and smelling of alcohol hit an SUV head on, the Star Tribune said.
A 16-year-old Isanti girl was behind the wheel of the car and is in serious condition at the Hennepin County Medical Center. The girl had received her license less than three weeks prior to the accident. Lt. Eric Roeske told Kare 11 News that she was the only survivor.
Roeske said the car was a 1998 Grand Am and it hit a 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada which burst into flames upon impact. The two people that were in the SUV were killed, but police say they have not been able to identify them due to the fire.
The Pontiac was carrying a 17-year-old boy from Cambridge who was not wearing a seat belt, a 15-year-old girl who also was not wearing a seat belt, and another 16-year-old boy who was not wearing a seat belt. All are dead. Police say that is was illegal for the girl to be driving the car that late at night, and that she had an illegal amount of people in the car as well.

Woman Killed, Husband Wounded in St. Paul Robbery

A St. Paul woman was fatally shot and her husband shot and wounded in a robbery Sunday morning, the Star Tribune said. The 27-year old husband was admitted to Regions Hospital with a leg wound and is expected to survive.
Police received a 911 call about the robbery, and found the woman dead inside upon arrival, Kare 11 said.
No arrests have been made and the police do not know of any suspects. Investigators are still trying to figure out what the motive for the crime was.

Coon Rapids Marine Found Dead in Barracks

A 20-year-old marine from Coon Rapids was found dead in his barracks Wednesday, Kare11 said. The marines have identified the man as Lance Cpl. Daniel W. Sweeney. He was found in his barracks in North Carolina, where he was assigned as an AV-8B aircraft mechanic, the Star Tribune said. He had been in the marines for 19 months. His death is under investigation.

Couple Dead in Columbia Heights Shooting

A Colombia Heights man shot and killed his wife, and then himself in a parking lot of an Asia Chow Mein Restaurant Saturday morning, WCCO said. The police say that the couple was leaving the restaurant when the man pulled out a gun and shot his wife in broad daylight, and then took his own life. The Star Tribune said that the man shot his wife after he found out that she had plans to leave him. Neighbors said that the two had frequent arguments, but the shooting was a complete shock. Neither of the two have a criminal background.

Pawlenty Late on Census Form

Census forms were due April 1st, but Gov Pawlenty has yet to fill his out, the Pioneer Press said. The Governor has two residences, one in Eagan, and the Governor's mansion in St. Paul, but he says that he will eventually fill out a form for his Eagan residence. Pawlenty joked on his radio show Friday morning that census workers are going to come after him. Fox News said that citizens are required by law to fill out census forms and mail them back. Census workers will visit homes that fail to fill out the required forms.

Washburn Football Player Hopes for Full Recovery

Six weeks ago, Montrell Wade, Washburn Senior High football star was shot in the face. Today, his mother says he hopes to return to the field, Kare 11 said.
Wade was recently moved out of the intensive care unit, after having half his skull removed. Kare 11 said bits of bone and bullet fragments are still lodged in his brain.
Wade was awaken from a medically-induced coma two weeks ago, and has since been able to give one-word answers to questions and make hand gestures. On Wednesday, he will undergo another surgery to replace his skull.
Doctors say he is a "remarkable case of survival," and his family calls him a miracle.
The shooting, said to be accidental, happened on Feb. 20 at Wade's uncle's house, where he and friends were said to have been playing with a gun, when it went off, shooting Wade, Fox 9 News said.
Wade's uncle, Andrew Moore, said he opened his door and the other kids ran. That's when he saw Wade on the floor bleeding.
Police say they are still actively investigating the incident.

Food Carts Coming to Downtown

The Minneapolis City Council has decided by unanimous vote to allow anyone who leases commercial kitchen space to prepare and sell food from a motorized cart in the city's downtown area on Friday, the Star Tribune said. Prior to the decision, Minneapolis only allowed hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, and pre-packaged food to be sold from carts.
Council member Lisa Goodman said the measure will allow a set number of vendors to operate the motorized cards in specific, permanent areas downtown, the Heavy Table said. The proposal will take effect on May 1, 2010, when the city will start taking license applications.

Minnesota to Recieve Grants for Wolves

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced it will award $1 million dollars in grants to ten states to help livestock owners deal with the problem of wolves, and Minnesota will be included, Kare 11 said.
Minnesota will receive $100,000 to compensate livestock owners for losses caused by wolves, and help them to develop non-lethal ways to keep the wolves away from their livestock.
The program is called the Wolf Compensation and Prevention Program, and will provide funds to states and tribes who will be able to use they money to develop and support non-lethal activities that will reduce livestock loss caused by wolves, the Review Messenger said.
Rowan Gould, director of the Fish and Wildlife Service, said wolf populations are expanding in several parts of the nation, and this program will be a tool to minimize conflict where wolf and human activities overlap.

St. Paul Fire Kills 2-Year Old; Uncle Arrested

The uncle of a 2-year old boy that was killed in a St. Paul house fire has been arrested for allegedly staring it, Kare 11 said. The man has been booked in jail for possible homicide and arson charges.
The fire was discovered by a neighbor looking out of his window. The neighbor said he first saw flames "peeking" put of the porch, and by the time he ran across the street, the flames had jumped 2 feet higher and the windows were blown out the porch, the Star Tribune said.
The neighbor said that a women, her three sons, one son's wife, and a young child lived at the home.
The man arrested in connection with the fire, who is not being named because he has not been charged yet has a criminal record that shows evidence of a pattern of domestic abuse charges and violations of restraining orders, Kare 11 said.

Gopher Basketball Advances to Semi-Finals

The Gopher Mens' basketball team is still in the running for a NCAA tournament bid after the team beat No. 11 Michigan State Friday night in the Big Ten tournament, the Star Tribune said.
The Associated Press reported sophomore Devoe Joseph scored six points for the Gophers in overtime to lead Minnesota past the Spartans for a 72-67 victory in the quarterfinals.
The Gophers will have an even greater challenge Saturday when they will play Purdue, who beat the defending Big Ten champions, Northwestern 69-61 on Friday.
While the Gophers controlled most of the play, Michigan State charged back to take the lead late in the second half. With eight minutes left, the Gophers led by 10 points, until the Spartan's Raymar Morgan scored a layup with 1 minute, 29 seconds left in play to tie the game at 55-55. He then started the overtime session by scoring a three-pointer and taking their first lead since the beginning of the game at 58-55. Joseph's two three-pointers in overtime were too much for Michigan to overcome, and the Gophers locked down the victory with free-throws at the end. The Gophers are 20-12 this season. This is the second time the team has reached the semi-finals under head coach Tubby Smith.

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