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American Expatriates Giving Up Citizenship for Lower Taxes

The Federal Register reports that more American expatriates are giving up their U.S. Citizenship or permanent residency status because of frustration over taxes and banking problems, the New York Times said.
The government publication that records this stuff shows that 502 expatriates gave up their citizenship in the last quarter of 2009, however, this is a small part of the 5.2 million American expatriates the State Department estimates live abroad.
A Chicago native living in Melbourne, Australia told Time that he loves his country and did not make the decision lightly of happily, but he felt he had no other choice. He was granted citizenship in Australia two years ago.
Cutting ties with America is an irrevocable action, and many expatriate advocate groups are encouraging citizens abroad to do so.

Flyers Beat Devils in First Round of Playoffs

Daniel Carcillo, usually regarded as not much more than a fighter, scored a huge overtime goal Sunday night to lift the Philadelphia Flyers over the New Jersey Devils in overtime, the Associated Press said. The goal was set up by Mike Richards at the right post before passing it across the crease to Carcillo, leaving the net wide open on the left side for the winning goal, the NHL said.
"I'm still kind of shaking," Carcillo said. "It was huge. It was awesome. Everybody dreams of a goal like that."
Former Minnesota Wild player Brian Rolston scored a power-play goal in the second period from a feed from Kovalchuck and tied the game.
The Flyers lead the series 2-1, and will play the Devils again Tuesday night

Mickelson Wins Masters

Phil Mickelson won his third Master's Tournament at Augusta National on Sunday with his wife and children by his side, the New York Times said. Mickelson is the fifth golfer in history to win three green jackets. Mickelson's wife, Amy, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, and Mickelson chocked back tears during the presentation ceremony, saying, "we've been through a lot this year." The Star Tribune said that Amy had not been to a gold course since her diagnoses, and had stayed in bed for most of the last week. Tiger Woods came in fifth place.

Rock Bottom Brewery Gives Back

About 300 families who may not have been able to put food on the table were treated to a traditional Easter meal Sunday night at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery in Minneapolis, the Star Tribune said. Manager Jim Gose works with Tubman Family Alliance, Catholic Charities, and Southside Family Nurturing Center to spread the word that meal will take place. The restaurant also provides bus rides from shelters to those who may be in need of transportation, WCCO said.
The resturant provides an entire meal, craft stations for the kids, and the Easter Bunny even makes an appearance. Mars M&M's Candy donates sweets for the childrens' Easter baskets, and Sysco Foods, Bix Produce, First Student Buses and Old Chicago Restaurants also sponsor the event.

Gibbs Wears a "Team Canada"

USA Today called White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs a "good sport," as he wore a Canadian Hockey Jersey during his briefing Friday morning, honoring the terms of a bet he lost over the Olympic Hockey Game between Canada and the U.S. last month.
Gibbs said he would wear a Canadian jersey to a news briefing if the Canadians won, and Dmitri Soudas, spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, would wear the U.S. jersey if the Americans won. Obviously Team Canada won.
The jersey featured the name "Gibbs" on the back, but bore the number 39, the number of Team USA goalie Ryan Miller, who was named the tournaments Most Valuable Player, Google News said. Although he wore the Canadian jersey to the brief, Gibbs pulled off the jersey shortly after the brief started to reveal a classic blue and white Team USA jersey.
President Barack Obama also made a bet over the game with Harper, in which the losing leader would have to give the other a case of beer, Google News said.
"We have instructed our embassy and our ambassador to take one case of Molson Canadian and one case of Yuengling lager (from Pennsylvania) to the prime minister's office today," Gibbs said.

Barack Obama Should Quit Smoking, Doctors Say

Barack Obama's team of doctors concluded Sunday that the president is in perfect health, and the only things he could improve upon would be to quit smoking, eat better, and lower his cholesterol, the Associated Press reported.
Doctors say his cholesterol levels have crept up to bordering high, and he just alter his diet in order to lower them.
When Obama started the 2008 presidential campaign, he promised Michelle Obama he would quit smoking, but has recently told reporters he still smokes an occasional cigarette, Guardian said.
Doctors said that Obama does not have to return for another check-up until 2012.

Team Canada Apologizes for On-Ice Celebration

The Canadian women's hockey team started a fire of controversy Thursday night after winning the gold medal by taking their celebration onto the ice. After the arena cleared out the women returned to the ice to smoke cigars, and drink champagne and beer.
The New York Times said that the team was apparently unaware that there was a photographer from the Associated Press still around to photograph the festivities.
Review St. Louis said that the Associated Press reached the head of the International Olympic Committee for comment, in which he stated that, "It is not what we want to see. I don't think it's a good promotion of sport values. If they celebrate in the changing room, that's one thing, but not in public." The IOC also stated that they were going to investigate celebration.
Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the celebration were photos released of Canadian star Marie-Philip Poulin, 18, drinking under-age (the legal drinking age in Canada is 19). Other photos included players pouring champagne into each others mouths, and even trying to drive the Zamboni around.
Late Thursday, the team issued a formal apology, stating they were sorry if their celebrations offended anyone and that they were caught up in the heat of the moment, the New York Times said. After the formal apology, it seems that the IOC dropped the investigation, Review St. Louis said.

Teen Stabbed in Rosedale Center Fight

A 16-year old was stabbed and is now in critical condition after a fight broke out inside of the Rosedale Center mall Saturday night, Kare 11 said.
The Roseville police said that they received a call around 8 pm Saturday night reporting 12 youths fighting inside the mall, using chairs as weapons. By the time police arrived, there were at least 20 youths engaged in the fight, Kare 11 said.
The Star Tribune said that upon arrival, police found an 18-year old with severe lacerations to his face, and later discovered the stabbing victim. The stabbing victim was able to identify his attacker before being taken to the hospital, and police later arrested a 17-year old man from St. Paul.
Kare 11 said that police have no released the names of the victims or the man who was arrested, nor do they know if the attacks were motivated or committed at random.

Wisconsin Woman Dies after Semi Crash

A Wisconsin woman is dead after her car rolled through the median and was struck by a semi on Interstate 90 in Winona County, Kare 11 reported.
Jessica Lin, of Brookfield, Wis. lost control of her car early Saturday while heading west and wound up in the eastbound traffic lanes when a 2007 Kenworth Semi, driven by Max Sharp of Idaho, smashed into her 2001 Honda Accord.
Today's TMJ 4 reported that Sharp was not injured in the crash.

19-Year Old Arrested in St. Paul Slaying

A 19-year old man is expected to be formally charged with murder on Monday after what police are calling a "jealous dispute" left a St. Paul teen dead, the Star Tribune reported.
Police say the suspect attempted to break into his ex-girlfriend's house on Saturday night in the 700 block of E. Maryland Avenue, and attacked Darius Derrick Maxwell, 17, accusing him of being the ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.
When officers arrived on the scene they found Maxwell mortally wounded, the LaCrosse Tribune said.
The suspect has a child with the ex-girlfriend, who has obtained a restraining order against him, the Star Tribune said.

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