March 23, 2009

We Could Have Been Equal

When will the world stop judging?
It seems over the course of history, human kind has taken the liberty of deciding who has the most rights.
It breaks my heart to see a friend so close to me struggle.
Struggle because he can't express himself freely.
Being homosexual, he get treated differently.
Looked at differently.
Judged differently.
My question is why?
Why must people feel superior over others?
Why can we not accept that all people will be different?
Whites over blacks, men over women
Does our society desire to look back with regret?
Do they want to look back
and know that we could have done better?
We could have been equal.
Can we not walk down the street and feel free?
Walk hand in hand with who ever we choose?
People need to be aware.
Aware that not everyone feels comfortable
with how our society is being run.
With the decisions being made that negatively effect the lives of many.
A man can't put a ring on another man's finger
one person does not have the right to judge another
for we are no better than the next person
we are all flawed in many ways
so perfectly imperfect.

March 1, 2009

Twisted America

The rich gain power
The poor grow poorer
Twisted America.
Dog eat dog
The strong survive
Twisted America.
One idea in mind
The basis of society
Twisted America.
That adored green
Paper, stacks, cash
Twisted America.
Anything for a dollar
Rich, status, high
Twisted America.
Designer drugs
Designer life
Stars in our eyes
Twisted America.
The crooked get attention
The positive ignored
Twisted America.
One day we'll wake up
And realize whats wasted
Twisted America.
Hard to find the good
In the middle of the bad
Twisted America.
Who has the power
Who has the power
Twisted America.
The media distorts
minds, opinions, facts
What is the truth?
What is the truth?
Twisted America.
We're kept in a box
Mind locks
Twisted America.
No resolution
Any kind of solution
Twisted America.
Everything material
Girls, boys
Twisted America.
When is enough?
When have we had enough?

February 15, 2009

I will never understand
how you loved me with such innocence
and brought peace to my sober mind.
How does my heart stay intact through the earth's murderous stabs?
How does the sound of your voice bring life to my senses?
My every regret fades to darkness with each step you take into my life
With every imperfection I discover in you
I still smile.
I begin to open my restless eyes
and see the bold truth.
The future looks me in the face and grins,
although I do not know what it holds.
Fear does not exist in us,
nor can we feel the cold touch of the hollow world on our skin.
My reality and my dreams have blended to form a perfect scene
My words face eternity because they are endless, and deep
My world is in reverse
What if wrong is really right?
What was forbidden is now free
I let the tears travel down my face
My emotions have defined me
How I feel is who I've become
All of this reminds me that
A memory lost in the black depths of the universe has come back to prove that it is not dead.

February 1, 2009

My Super Sweet 16

My (Not So Super) Sweet Sixteen
I was deeply upset the other day when I came across a marathon on MTV of none other than, My Super Sweet Sixteen. This show makes me do nothing but fear for our society. It is one of those scenarios that is similar to watching a train crash, you don't want to watch it, but for some reason you just have to watch and see what these ridiculously spoiled people have to say. I don't find watching prissy, wealthy teenagers prance around and complain about how they don't get everything they want very exciting. They want so badly for everyone to envy them, when in reality, people are just sitting back and laughing at how bizarre their actions are. Even worse yet, the younger audience may actually be looking up to these fools. Scary. This show is a true point of how money can get to people's heads. Everyone should take this as a lesson learned on how that sweet green maybe isn't so sweet. I for one, value my actions and behaviors towards people more than getting "that perfect dress" or "that Mercedes car". I would truly be embarrassed if someone saw me on television screaming at my mother or father, and just being a brat. Why anyone wants that on cable of themselves is beyond me. I think it's horrible that people are idolizing this garbage, and I hope the media soon realizes that shows like this need to get taken off of the air very quickly.
-Hannah Bray

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