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I will never understand
how you loved me with such innocence
and brought peace to my sober mind.
How does my heart stay intact through the earth's murderous stabs?
How does the sound of your voice bring life to my senses?
My every regret fades to darkness with each step you take into my life
With every imperfection I discover in you
I still smile.
I begin to open my restless eyes
and see the bold truth.
The future looks me in the face and grins,
although I do not know what it holds.
Fear does not exist in us,
nor can we feel the cold touch of the hollow world on our skin.
My reality and my dreams have blended to form a perfect scene
My words face eternity because they are endless, and deep
My world is in reverse
What if wrong is really right?
What was forbidden is now free
I let the tears travel down my face
My emotions have defined me
How I feel is who I've become
All of this reminds me that
A memory lost in the black depths of the universe has come back to prove that it is not dead.