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Midtown Global Market

The Midtown Global Market is a very dynamic place. Though it is contained within a single building, it encompasses regions from all over the world. The markets, restaurants, shops, and events that exist there have a free-flowing and liberated sense of energy. The varied businesses and spaces are open and connected with the area around them, but at the same time they retain their unique identity and sense of roots. It is a place where the mix of ideas, cultures, traditions, and values can grow and develop without becoming one big homogenous, watered down entity. I think because of the way it has been structured physically and the way that it has evolved humanly, has created this place where everyone is welcome, and what’s more, everyone is welcome to be themselves while experiencing what they normally may not have. It is almost as though just the act of being at the Midtown Global Market has given everyone there a common bond and experience that provides a base from which to build. The spaces that make up the whole are defined and intimate without becoming separated and removed. This is an important component of the Market as it allows for this dynamic interchange without compromising the integrity and uniqueness of the components. At the same time, however, the spaces and paths between entities are not void. There is no empty or "other" space that has no identity and that no one lays claim to. Instead, the transition spaces are common spaces, and their identity grows out of the people who occupy it at any given time. These spaces are more fluid and are an integral part of the Market as a whole.