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Fall as a Phenomenon

Fall -- the changing of the colors of the leaves in fall -- is an amazing phenomenon to me. There is a scientific explanation for the exchange of chemicals and quality of the angle of the solar radiation that creates this visible change in the colors of the leaves at this time of year, but that is not the phenomenon that I am talking about. The phenomenon that interests me is the beauty of the landscape filled with the brilliant and vibrant colored leaves. The land looks like its on fire. Bright yellows, oranges, and reds transform the lush green world of summer into a living and vulnerable world of change. Fall is a transition time. It is inevitable that when the leaves change, winter will soon come and all of the color and even the leaves themselves will be lost. But in that short span of Fall, when the leaves are in many ways less stable (as they will soon be dying), they fill the land with a look of life, activity, and movement. The rustle of the leaves on the tree; the sound of dry leaves crunching under foot; the delicate and carefree dance of the leaves as they flitter across the ground, touching here and there and spinning and twisting as the wind caries them. This is the phenomenon of Fall. It is the clockwork of the seasons and it comes once a year, between Summer and Winter. The "things" of this phenomenon are the leaves -- as they changes from lush greens to lively oranges and reds. The framework of Fall is the trees -- all the trees that hold all the leaves for those last fleeting moments before they fall for winter. The whole of Fall is much greater than the sum of its parts.