April 13, 2005

play progress

Jaell: You have really taken a lot of initiative for our project and have generated a lot of ideas about the play as a whole as well as details and individual characters. Also, thanks for being proactive when it comes to organizing the group schedules and setting up meetings. You have really helped people stay on track.

Andrew: As the director, Andrew you have been very willing to listen to everyone's ideas and input. Thank you for having a larger vision and taking others input before you make the final decision.

Denise: Thank you for helping to stay on track during our meeting. You had good and helpful suggestions without getting side tracked or getting too caught up in little details at this point.

Allison: You really generated good ideas about how to convey the mood of our scene, especially with your music suggestions and blocking ideas.

Sean: thank you for bring a lot of energy to the group. I think your enthusiasm about the play will really help us convey this lighthearted and silly production effectively for our audience, in addition to the deeper messages of the play.

Posted by brek0075 at April 13, 2005 4:23 PM