November 30, 2008

International 11/30/08

And Indian terrorist group took over the Taj Mahal for three days according to the New York Times and the USA Today. The militants killed over 147 in an attack lasting from Thursday to Saturday.

The USA Today article focused on the groups ties to a Pakistani Terrorist group while the New York Times article focused about the summary of events and what happened.

Both articles mentioned the public dissent of the Indian police force. Citing the fact that the terrorist group had better training and better weapons than the police.

National 11/30/08

A Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death by a crowd of over 2,000 in New York on Friday, according to the New York Times and CNN.

Jdimytai Damour, 34 was a temporary maintenance worker at Wal-Mart hired for the holiday season.

Over 2,000 people lined up outside the store waiting for the 5 a.m. opening. At about 4:55 a.m. the crowd grew restless, pressing against the sliding glass doors. The doors eventually shattered, along the crowd through. Damour was trying to hold the doors shut when they shattered, and was trampled by the crowd.

The CNN article also discussed the shooting of two people in the Toys “R� Us store in California. While the article didn’t link the two, it talked a great deal about the shooting.

The New York Times article focused exclusively on the Wal-Mart accident.

Local 11/30/08

A man in Brooklyn Park was shot by police Tuesday night according to the Star Tribune and the MN Sun.

The police were called by the man’s girlfriend, who said that the man, Eric Kirk Kolski was threatening her with a gun. The woman locked herself in the bathroom. After the police forced entry the man allegedly confronted the police officers and two officers shot him an unknown number of times. He was declared dead at the scene.

The officers both without another officer-involved shooting on their record, were put on paid administrative leave, according to the Sun.

The Star Tribune article is slightly longer though not much more detailed. The articles are pretty similar in the information they provide and how they provide. It talked about the man’s record of three prior arrests for domestic assault. However, so did the Sun.

November 16, 2008

National 11/16/2008

Fires in California destroyed more than 500 homes this weekend according to the USA Today and the New York Times.
While the actual number varied between the two sources, it is clear that at least 500 homes went up in flames. According to the USA Today 80mph winds on Saturday fueled the fire and made it almost impossible for firefighters to get the flames under control.
The New York Times article focused exclusively on a mobile home park in the Sylmar area of Los Angeles. The mobile home park contained 500 homes and only 126 survived. The article focused a lot on the residents of the mobile home park and they’re reactions. It also mentioned that police sealed the park, citing that it is a potential crime scene and that they’re investigating possible arson.
The USA Today article focused on a larger area, although it mentioned the mobile home park in the article. The article is made up almost exclusively of people’s reactions. It cites people from all parts of the affected area. It also said the count of destroyed home is up to 800. There were also two typos. Shame on them.

Local 11/16/08

A 13 year-old-girl allegedly stabbed another student at a St. Paul middle school Wednesday according to the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.
The girl, according to the Pioneer Press attacked a boy who was her ex during passing time at 12:35pm. The boy was not seriously injured and needed only stitches for a wound in his chest and another in his arm. Another student who tried to intervene suffered a minor cut on the finger.
The Star Tribune had a very short article. It basically said that the girl stabbed the boy was still in custody and that the boy suffered only minor injuries. It then said that a county spokesman said no further details were being released because of the suspects age.
The Pioneer Press article, despite being published a day earlier, is much more detailed. It delves into the fact that the boy and girl used to date and the school was dealing with verbal conflicts between the two prior to the stabbing.
It also talked about the school’s reaction to the stabbing, saying that the girl was suspended and there is a mandatory referral for expulsion. It also mentioned a letter sent home to parents by the principal and a previously recorded phone message.

November 9, 2008

11/08/2008 International


20 people died and 21 more were injured in an accident on a Russian submarine in the Sea of Japan on Saturday according to the New York Times and the USA Today.

The USA Today article focused on the cause of the accident. Apparently the fire safety system mistakenly went off, releasing the gas Freon into the air which caused the suffocation of 17 civilians and 3 seamen on board.

The New York Times Article discusses briefly what happened and talks about the casualties.

11/08/2008 National


An 8-year-old boy shot his father and another man in Arizona Wednesday according to the New York Times and the USA Today.

The USA Today article talks about the circumstances of the crime and events leading up to it. It talks about how the boy’s father Vincent Romero talk to their priest about teaching the boy how to shoot a gun. According to the article the boy shot the two men after what clearly was premeditation. According to Arizona law anyone 8 or over can be charged with murder. The article mentions that police are looking into possible abuse of the child but that no instances were reported.

The New York Times article focused mainly on the community’s reaction to the crime. The town of St. Johns Arizona with 4,000 people. It also talked about how the boy was likely abused. It also strangely referred to everyone as Mr. and Ms.

11/09/2008 Local


The recount of the ballots to determine the winner between Coleman and Franken will happen according to the Star Tribune and

MinnPost has a medium length article that talks in detail about the process of the recount. Stating that each of the 3 million ballots have to be looked over for marking errors that would cause them to not be counted by the machines. Then representatives from both sides get to look at the ballots and are aloud to challenge individual ballots. The challenged ballots then go up for review and are decided upon by officials. The article makes clear that a decision won’t be made until well into 2009.

The Star Tribune has a short article talking about all the statewide elections that will require a recount. Four in all. It then quickly discusses the process of decided that a recount will occur, having to do with having a less than a half a percentage point of discrepancy.

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October 19, 2008

10/19/08 International

Taliban militants in Afghanistan stopped a bus carrying around 50 people and beheaded 30 of them, according to the New York Times and the USA Today.

The USA Today focused on the facts and numbers. Mentioning the death toll and the number of passengers on board. The New York Times focused on the governor of the province’s assertion that the people killed were not from the Afghan Army like the Taliban claimed, but were merely civilians looking for work in nearby Iran.

Both articles mention that the Taliban tried to stop a previous bus, but the bus got away, although a child passenger was killed by gunfire.

10/19/08 National

An abducted 6-year-old boy in Las Vegas was returned safely to his fathers custody Sunday according to the New York Times and the USA Today.

Both articles covered the stories in a similar manner. Both mention that the boy had been abducted Wednesday from his mother’s home by two men posing as police officers. The boy’s maternal grandfather apparently stole a large amount of drug money from them and it is believed the boy was taken because of the grandfather’s connections.

The New York Times mentioned that the boy was found wandering on the sidewalk on Sunday morning, and it also covered the father’s reaction when he heard the news his son was found. The USA Today mentioned the father’s relief but didn’t use any direct quotes.

Both mention that the boy was unharmed.

10/19/08 Local

A 24-year-old mentally handicapped man was abducted twice and repeatedly beaten and tortured in Lakeville by a group of four men and a 16-year-old girl over the weekend according to the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.

The Star Tribune goes into much greater detail than the Pioneer Press. The Pioneer Press article states in the bottom of the article the reason for the attack. That the 16-year-old girl told the men the victim, Justin Hamilton, attacked her. It was in the headline of the Star Tribune article.

The Star Tribune also goes into much greater detail about the backgrounds of the suspects. It talks about how two of them were in the military, while the Pioneer Press mentions only the basic facts, not giving much background.

Both articles mention that the victim suffered broken ribs, many bruises, and burns from a cigarette and a heated credit card.

October 5, 2008

10/05/08 International

Over 100 are dead after a stampede started at a Hindu temple in Jodhpur city, India on Tuesday according to the Washington Post and the New York Times.

The numbers of dead and injured varied greatly between the two articles. The Washington Post said 12,000 people had gathered when the stampede started, with 168 being reported killed and more than 425 injured. The Associated Press article in the New York Times said that 2,000 to 3,000 people had gathered at the start of the stampede; that 147 people were killed and 55 were injured.

The New York Times article stated that the cause of the stampede was unclear, while the Washington Post article said that it was a false rumor of a bomb threat that caused the stampede.

Both articles stated that coconut milk spilled on the temple floor made the pathway slippery, causing many to fall. Both articles also reported that most of the dead were male, because of the separate lines for men and women, and that the majority of the deaths were caused by suffocation, not by injuries.

The Washington Post article then talked to various people and officials about the need for stricter crowd control at major gatherings. Both articles recounted similar events that had occurred elsewhere in India recently.

10/05/08 National

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, many are missing and presumed dead in Galveston, Texas, according to the New York Times and the USA Today.

The New York Times put the number of missing at 34 with some presumed dead, while the USA Today said according to the Laura Recovery Center, 200 from Galveston are missing, with the number going up and down by the minute.

The USA Today then dedicated four or five paragraphs to four individual victims who have been found dead or are presumed dead. For all of them the article cited the last words of the victims to family members they contacted by phone.

The New York Times named a few of the victim’s but also told the story of people looking for family members and told the stories of some survivors. It also talked to rescue workers, who are going door to door searching the rubble for bodies.

10/05/08 Local

An 18-year-old man accused of rape told a police sergeant that in a recording in 2006 that he did not have sex with the developmentally disabled 17-year-old girl according to the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune.

The girl he allegedly attacked suffers from Schimmelpenning syndrome, a disorder which causes physical and mental disabilities. She has an IQ of about 58, her mother testified according to the Pioneer Press.

Both articles state that the man is also accused of raping and beating a 57-year-old woman on Jan. 1, 2007.

The St. Paul man, Joshua L. Smith, was 16 at the time of the alleged attack, which occurred on Sept. 8, 2006. He was certified to stand trial as an adult. Smith is currently on trial in Ramsey County District Court on two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct according to the Star Tribune.

The Star Tribune article cites verbatim the testimony he gave to St. Paul Police Sgt. Jennifer O’Donnell. It then goes on to cover the collection of evidence from the 57-year-old victim. And while the article talks about DNA being collected from semen from both victim, it states that there was no testimony as to whose semen it was as of Friday.

The Pioneer Press article also uses the testimony recorded in 2006. The article also includes the information that the 17-year-old victim could accurately describe Smith’s basement, despite Smith claiming she had never been to his house. The article then goes on to state that DNA was recovered from semen on the 17-year-old’s underwear which tested a positive match to Smith.

September 28, 2008

9/28/2008 Local

A Rogers man is accused of raping a mentally disabled women according to articles from the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.

Vladimir A. Yulchinchuk, a medical transport driver is accused of picking up a women suffering from “mental disorders, including paranoia, mild retardation, an IQ of 80 and a brain injury� according to a police affidavit used in the article from the Pioneer Press.

The Pioneer Press placed emphasis on the alleged part of the circumstances. It told the story more from the defendant’s point of view although it stayed pretty neutral about the status of Yulchinchuk’s guilt. It talked about the judge reducing bail from $100,000 to $50,000 and Yulchinchuk’s attorney’s argument that Yulchinchuk denied the allegations and claimed he did not know the woman.

The article also cited Andrew Dmitruk, the transport company’s manager who said that Yulchinchuk was a hard-working man who had never posed any problems.

The Star Tribune article was less focused on the defendant’s story and more on the charges and the victim’s side of things. It started out with a strong phrase “A man driving a medical transport van in Minneapolis picked up a woman, stripped her and raped her, knowing she was mentally impaired, according to a criminal complaint.�

It used equally strong language throughout the article, although still mentioning that it was all according to complaint.

The article then went on to cite the transport company’s owner Natalie Vmitruk who said Yulchinchuk was fired “within a few minutes� after police informed her of the allegations.