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September 28, 2008

9/28/2008 Local

A Rogers man is accused of raping a mentally disabled women according to articles from the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.

Vladimir A. Yulchinchuk, a medical transport driver is accused of picking up a women suffering from “mental disorders, including paranoia, mild retardation, an IQ of 80 and a brain injury� according to a police affidavit used in the article from the Pioneer Press.

The Pioneer Press placed emphasis on the alleged part of the circumstances. It told the story more from the defendant’s point of view although it stayed pretty neutral about the status of Yulchinchuk’s guilt. It talked about the judge reducing bail from $100,000 to $50,000 and Yulchinchuk’s attorney’s argument that Yulchinchuk denied the allegations and claimed he did not know the woman.

The article also cited Andrew Dmitruk, the transport company’s manager who said that Yulchinchuk was a hard-working man who had never posed any problems.

The Star Tribune article was less focused on the defendant’s story and more on the charges and the victim’s side of things. It started out with a strong phrase “A man driving a medical transport van in Minneapolis picked up a woman, stripped her and raped her, knowing she was mentally impaired, according to a criminal complaint.�

It used equally strong language throughout the article, although still mentioning that it was all according to complaint.

The article then went on to cite the transport company’s owner Natalie Vmitruk who said Yulchinchuk was fired “within a few minutes� after police informed her of the allegations.

9/28/2008 International

According to the New York Times the Taliban shot and killed a high-profile female police officer in Kabul, Afghanistan Sunday. Malalai Kakar, 41 was on her way into the office when two gunmen on a motorcycle shot her in the head.

Kakar’s 18-year-old son who was driving was seriously wounded and brought to the hospital, according to the Associated Press in the USA Today.

The New York Times said that Kakar was profiled often in the Afghan and foreign news media and was an icon for women’s groups in Aghanistan and abroad. It mentioned that Kakar had the rank of captain and was head of Kandahar’s department of crimes against women. Kakar was the first female officer in the country to return to work after the ban against women working was lifted with the ousting of the Taliban in 2001.

The Associated Press focused more on the Taliban side of things. With little coverage of Kakar herself. It said that Militans often attack projects, schools and businesses run by women.

The Associated Press article in USA Today then drastically switches focus to a U.S.-led coalition raid in which three civilians were killed. The article then dedicates over half the article to discussing this incident, making it feel as if it was two articles mistakenly posted as one.

However, the New York Times article also dedicates a lot of space discussing other violence in the country. Although it covered the Kakar article sufficiently in-depth in the first place.

September 21, 2008


According to the New York Times the number of Chinese infants hospitalized after drinking tainted milk formula has grown to almost 13,000. The culprit appears to be an industrial chemical called melamine, which has been found in nearly 10 percent of milk and drinkable yogurt samples in three major Chinese dairy companies. The article included quotes from Prime Minister Wen Jiabao who promised that those responsible faced harsh punishments.

The USA Today went into more detail about the specific products affected by the contamination, including powdered milk and formula from the Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Co. It also continued to talk about the products in other nations that were being recalled due this crisis, including Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Both sources talked about the theory that melamine is put in watered down milk to pass the milk off as being high in protein content. However, the USA Today also talked about the fact that melamine is the same chemical found in the contaminated pet food that killed pets all over North and South America.


According to the Oregonian six children are in state custody after a raid on a ministry in Arkansas. The children are part of a child pornography investigation from the ministry run by Tony Alamo. Alamo said for girls having sex, "consent is puberty."

The USA Today stated that the church was also under investigation for child abuse, it also states that critics call the church a cult. It also cited Justin Miller, who was taken from the church in 1988 when he was 11 years old, "Miller told police that Alamo directed four men to strike him 140 times with a wooden paddle as punishment for a minor offense."

The Oregonian talked to Anthony Justin Lane, 34, who came from Texarkana to hear of news of his family after the raid. Lane said he was kicked out of the 10 years ago for asking too many questions, and has since been trying to subpoena his wife but has been unsuccessful in reuniting with her or his children.

The USA Today also focused more on the charges agains Alamo for tax evasion and other things he was accused of, while the Oregonian focused more on Lane's story.


According to the Star Tribune an Anoka motorcyclist's death on Friday may not have been an accident. Apparently the victim's father, Jeff Waalen, was told by an Anoka County Medical EXaminer that the Natasha Waalen's injuries were not consistent with a motorcycle crash alone.

The Pioneer Press goes further to call it a murder, and to name her live-in boyfriend as the prime suspect. The articles states that Ryan Boland, Natasha Waalen's 33-year-old boyfriend, was arrested Friday night on suspicion of killing her.

Both sources stated that Waalen, 28, was found along the 16800 block of Tulip Street Northwest in Andover and that Waalen and Boland had a 4-year-old daughter.

The Pioneer Press however went into more detail about the accident scene, and added more background info about the victim while the Star Tribune released very little information about the victim, stating that "Anoka County authorities have not identified the woman and have not released additional information about her death."