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9/28/2008 International

According to the New York Times the Taliban shot and killed a high-profile female police officer in Kabul, Afghanistan Sunday. Malalai Kakar, 41 was on her way into the office when two gunmen on a motorcycle shot her in the head.

Kakar’s 18-year-old son who was driving was seriously wounded and brought to the hospital, according to the Associated Press in the USA Today.

The New York Times said that Kakar was profiled often in the Afghan and foreign news media and was an icon for women’s groups in Aghanistan and abroad. It mentioned that Kakar had the rank of captain and was head of Kandahar’s department of crimes against women. Kakar was the first female officer in the country to return to work after the ban against women working was lifted with the ousting of the Taliban in 2001.

The Associated Press focused more on the Taliban side of things. With little coverage of Kakar herself. It said that Militans often attack projects, schools and businesses run by women.

The Associated Press article in USA Today then drastically switches focus to a U.S.-led coalition raid in which three civilians were killed. The article then dedicates over half the article to discussing this incident, making it feel as if it was two articles mistakenly posted as one.

However, the New York Times article also dedicates a lot of space discussing other violence in the country. Although it covered the Kakar article sufficiently in-depth in the first place.