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10/05/08 Local

An 18-year-old man accused of rape told a police sergeant that in a recording in 2006 that he did not have sex with the developmentally disabled 17-year-old girl according to the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune.

The girl he allegedly attacked suffers from Schimmelpenning syndrome, a disorder which causes physical and mental disabilities. She has an IQ of about 58, her mother testified according to the Pioneer Press.

Both articles state that the man is also accused of raping and beating a 57-year-old woman on Jan. 1, 2007.

The St. Paul man, Joshua L. Smith, was 16 at the time of the alleged attack, which occurred on Sept. 8, 2006. He was certified to stand trial as an adult. Smith is currently on trial in Ramsey County District Court on two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct according to the Star Tribune.

The Star Tribune article cites verbatim the testimony he gave to St. Paul Police Sgt. Jennifer O’Donnell. It then goes on to cover the collection of evidence from the 57-year-old victim. And while the article talks about DNA being collected from semen from both victim, it states that there was no testimony as to whose semen it was as of Friday.

The Pioneer Press article also uses the testimony recorded in 2006. The article also includes the information that the 17-year-old victim could accurately describe Smith’s basement, despite Smith claiming she had never been to his house. The article then goes on to state that DNA was recovered from semen on the 17-year-old’s underwear which tested a positive match to Smith.