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11/09/2008 Local


The recount of the ballots to determine the winner between Coleman and Franken will happen according to the Star Tribune and http://www.minnpost.com/stories/2008/11/05/4405/senate_recount_be_patient.

MinnPost has a medium length article that talks in detail about the process of the recount. Stating that each of the 3 million ballots have to be looked over for marking errors that would cause them to not be counted by the machines. Then representatives from both sides get to look at the ballots and are aloud to challenge individual ballots. The challenged ballots then go up for review and are decided upon by officials. The article makes clear that a decision won’t be made until well into 2009.

The Star Tribune has a short article talking about all the statewide elections that will require a recount. Four in all. It then quickly discusses the process of decided that a recount will occur, having to do with having a less than a half a percentage point of discrepancy.