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Local 11/16/08

A 13 year-old-girl allegedly stabbed another student at a St. Paul middle school Wednesday according to the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.
The girl, according to the Pioneer Press attacked a boy who was her ex during passing time at 12:35pm. The boy was not seriously injured and needed only stitches for a wound in his chest and another in his arm. Another student who tried to intervene suffered a minor cut on the finger.
The Star Tribune had a very short article. It basically said that the girl stabbed the boy was still in custody and that the boy suffered only minor injuries. It then said that a county spokesman said no further details were being released because of the suspects age.
The Pioneer Press article, despite being published a day earlier, is much more detailed. It delves into the fact that the boy and girl used to date and the school was dealing with verbal conflicts between the two prior to the stabbing.
It also talked about the school’s reaction to the stabbing, saying that the girl was suspended and there is a mandatory referral for expulsion. It also mentioned a letter sent home to parents by the principal and a previously recorded phone message.