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National 11/16/2008

Fires in California destroyed more than 500 homes this weekend according to the USA Today and the New York Times.
While the actual number varied between the two sources, it is clear that at least 500 homes went up in flames. According to the USA Today 80mph winds on Saturday fueled the fire and made it almost impossible for firefighters to get the flames under control.
The New York Times article focused exclusively on a mobile home park in the Sylmar area of Los Angeles. The mobile home park contained 500 homes and only 126 survived. The article focused a lot on the residents of the mobile home park and they’re reactions. It also mentioned that police sealed the park, citing that it is a potential crime scene and that they’re investigating possible arson.
The USA Today article focused on a larger area, although it mentioned the mobile home park in the article. The article is made up almost exclusively of people’s reactions. It cites people from all parts of the affected area. It also said the count of destroyed home is up to 800. There were also two typos. Shame on them.