Analysis of Computer-Assisted Reporting

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I choose to use a story named Crossing the Line at the Boarder. I found it at

I am slightly confused about what we are supposed to do, but I believe it has to do with the videos that go with the story.

The computer is able to show examples about what is being written in the story. This is a great advancement because it allows the story to come to life for the reader. It is the old saying that "a picture is worth 1000 words."

PBS did not need to use a person to take these shots. The video is exactly what the story is about. The writing is also less, so the video from the computer is what the story is about.

There is an opportunity to blog on the article. The words just go with the pictures.

Fishers Upset over Seafood Ban

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The New York Times reported a couple of staples in New England's seafood caught will no longer be sold in grocery stores. This has fishers upset.

Whole Foods says the ban will help replenish fish stocks, which have become very low in the last decade. The deadline has been moved up.

The roles are in affect for the entire country, but it is being responded to harshly in New England because of how important it is to their economy. reported that fishing for certain types of seafood is becoming rare. It is necessary for the industry to continue being strong because of other economic issues.

Another key element of seafood, lobster, has been on the decline recently.

Vikings' Stadium Revived after NFL's Help

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The Star Tribune reported NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was in the Twin Cities Friday talking to state legislators.

Minnesota Gov. Mak Dayton stood with Goodell while urging te importance of getting a deal done for the new stadium. He days it is important that members from both parties in the government work together on the issue, said Dayton.

Fox News reported that concerns over the feasibility of a new stadium are intensifying. There are several different potential sites on the table.

The Metrodome has been the home of the Vikings since 1982. Football has been in Minneapolis since 1961.

Aviation Jobs Likely coming to Duluth

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The Pioneer Press reported the northern Minnesota city saw a lease get purchase by an aviation company to bring between 225 and 250 jobs.

Danny Martinez, an executive from AAR Aircraft Services, was the man who signed a letter of intent on a lease. The salaries from the jobs created will pay between $30,000 and $80,000 dollars.

Duluth Mayor Don Ness referred to AAR as a "world-class company." It is exciting to see jobs coming to Minnesota." reported AAR is based out of Illinois. The work to lure AAR to Minnesota began more than a year ago when Duluth officials began lobbying several plane maintenance organizations.

100 Days Until The Olympics

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CNN reported the countdown to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England has reached the closing kick.

Things seem to be on track for the start of the games. Venues are on pace to be completed within budget, and tickets are being sold.

London, who upset Paris, France for the right to host the games, will be the first city to host the Olympics three times. The recent financial hardships of the world provide an interesting challenge that is somewhat reminiscent of the 1948 games when London hosted the world after the completion of WWII

The BBC reports key athletes from Great Britain dealing with injuries. The host country always hopes to do well on home soil. Great Britain athletes are feeling the pressure. Coaches say, "our athletes need to improve."

Writer's Note: I will be in London for the Games.

Dick Clark Dies

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The Star Tribune reported the TV host died of a heart attack Wednesday morning in California, his spokesman confirmed.

Dick Clark was known for being the host of American Bandstand and New Year's rockin' eve. He was 82.

Clark had a big time career. At one point, he could be found on all three major television stations. Clark was listed on Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans. reported that Clark suffered a mild heart attack in december of 2004. He also had Type 2 diabetes.

Ryan Seacrest is now the host of Clark's New Year's Eve show. He called Clark "a true gentleman."

Stanley Cup Playoffs are Underway!

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The National Hockey League Playoffs began Wednesday. Sixteen teams are fighting to win the Stanley Cup. reported "we have seen it all" in the first four days of a tournament that takes two months. In order to win the Stanley Cup, a team must win four best-of-seven series against quality opponents from the league.

Each of the eight series in the first round have played two games and every road team has managed to win at least one game, reported.

Two teams that are among the favorites to win the cup, Pittsburgh and Vancouver, lost their first two games at home. reported that these two teams face a critical game on the road Sunday.

The playoffs have already included two double-overtime games.

Minnesota Teaches Agree to a New Contract

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The Star Tribune reported that Minnesota teachers have ratified a new two-year deal.

The deal means that teachers will receive a pay raise in exchange for working longer hours. Among the voters, 83% agreed to the new changers, Lynn Nordgren, president of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers said.

The deal means that the school year will be adding for more days, and the school day will last 15 more minutes.

KSTP reported that some parents are upset that the school year was only extended by four day. They wanted to add 35 days to the calendar.

Both sides say they would have liked to have seen different aspects of the agreement, but that this ways the best deal that both sides could agree to, according to the report.

Baby Girl Found Alive In Coffin

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CNN reported a baby girl was found alive inside of a nailed coffin in Argentina.

Luz Milagros Veron was found weighing 1 pound 12 ounces. She is now in intense care inside of a hospital. She is in stable condition, officials say.

Veron was born three months early. She had no vital signs, hospital director Dr. Jose Luis Meirino says.

Fox News reported Veron was found alive in the morgue nearly 12 hours after she was pronounced dead.

Veron's first name means "Miracle Light." This comes after doctors had giving the death certificate 20 minutes after Veron was born.

Veron was really cold when she was found. A worker described her as "like holding a bottle of ice."

Minnesota Fire has been Contained

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The Star Tribune reported the fire that broke out in north-central Minnesota has now been contained.

The fire burned 1,600 acres near the town of Nimrod, Minn. Investigators said they think the fire was started by a vehicle.

No injuries have been reported, but the blaze did burn a fire and cause near by residencies to evacuate. reported the Minnesota National Guard went to Nimrod on the orders of Gov. Mark Dayton.

Spokesperson for the Minnesota National Guard said a tough-to-stop fire was expected because of the lack of precipitation over the last year.