Cultural Group Analysis

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I looked at a story from CNN on a former Egyptian spy applying for the elections which are May 23.

I asked Karim to comment. he is Egyptian. He is a student at the University of Minnesota. He did not want his last name going on a public blog.

Karim says the story does not have biased. He says it sticks with the facts. Karim also pointed out that the story was written by a man who he believes is Muslim, possibly Egyptian. This helps eliminate bias that might come from a writer from the outside with no direct feel for the situation.

The quotes in the story come from information that is public. This allows for words not to be taken out of context. The story does a nice job with accurately describe the situation.
The situation is tricky, but it does not go out of its way to add fuel to stereotypes.

There is stress in the country, so readers must also come in to reading the story with an open mind according to Karim.

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