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"The Story of Hip Hop and the Crack Generation" was a documentary pertaining to the rise of crack cocaine in 1980's urban America and the influence it carried over social media and pop culture especially, the world of hip hop music. The documentary explores how media craze, racism and political reaction created numerous policies and laws has caused the largest and most disproportionately African-American prison population in the world. Crack was shown to be an epidemic in the film and it was tearing families and the urban community apart, Reagan thus had to initiate a war on drugs. This war however contained a special interest to ensnare the African American culture instead of all drug related criminals. Through policies like the 100 v. 1 rule, African Americans were being locked up for small possession charges while their "white" powder counterparts were not even being targeted by drug force agencies. These policies were premptive strikes for the prevention of crime by the " media notorious" African American criminals. The documentary goes on to show how the life of selling crack was too much of an allure for some famous hip hop artists provided the lifestyle that came with it. These artists fell into the crack game through a drought of other rational and viable alternatives; it was too easy and the money was too much. With the rise of hip hop in the mid 80's crack and music became intertwined. Music and cocaine had already been linked for a decade, but now a African American urban subculture could experience the glamor of cocaine and still live within their means. Hip hop was a major promoter of the use of crack and created a pop culture phenomenon that had dealers wanting to dress and act like the rappers they saw and heard on the TV and radio and vice versa. This correlation between the two groups of entrepreneurs was interesting because it showed to options to obtaining the American Dream, one legal and one illegal, but with very little distinction between the the two after they had become so codependent.

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