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Goal 8: Global Partnership for Development

The presentation that I will refer to was great. They stated their focus and stuck to it throughout the entire presentation. Goal 8 has many targets and maybe they could have covered more than one target but the target of focus was clearly stated at the beginning of the presentation. This group did an excellent job at presenting their information on information and communication technologies and was rather influential in their projection of the material. It seems that they had done a fair deal of research but could have included just a bit more or spent more time defending their ideas of improvement. In addition, the presentation method chosen was intriguing and engaging. The slides had good graphics and minimal wordage. To me this is better than just putting all your information on the slide and reading from it. In those cases you may as well just say nothing and flip through the slides. This presentation was great and I would give this group nothing less than and excellent grade. (I apologize for minimizing my response, but I would rather the groups remain as anonymous as possible).