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How do I get one?

Chapbooks are $10, and you can order as many as you like right here and now using paypal:


You can send a check to me--email me for my address at embright {at} gmail {dot} com, and I will put one in the mail to you, signed and everything. Don't forget to give me your address so I know where to send your book(s)!

cost: $10 plus shipping ($1.25 for the first book, plus $.75 for each one after. If you bought a book earlier for a cheaper shipping cost, well, consider it an early-bird special. Turns out there's this post office lady who insists every time on running the book-filled envelope through this little slot designed to show whether something is a "letter" or a "package." I watch, helpless, as the book gets stuck halfway through that stupid paper slot, and you know what that means: package. Ah, well. Thicker book equals more bang for your buck.)

Bookstores where you can purchase Glances Back:
the University of Minnesota bookstore (Coffman Union) in Minneapolis
Water Street Books in Williamstown, MA.

Do keep an eye out for new entries to this list. And if you have recommendations of places I should look into, please contact me! Help me spread the word!