Test Prep 101


Right about this time (or soon after), students are preparing to take their first exam in a course. If you ask students about studying for an exam, you will be surprised at the responses. Thus, it is essential to tell the students how to prepare for an exam - what works and doesn't work.

As a PAL Facilitator, you have a unique role that allows you to do this - you have taken the course and know the expectations. Also, you were selected for the position as you demonstrated exemplary knowledge of the content which came through studying.

Describe the study skills you would suggest the students employ to effectively prepare for the exam in your area. Also, what content would be on this exam? Of the topics, what do you believe will be the most difficult for students and why?

Follow Up from Meeting & Effective Technology in PAL Sessions


At the last Professional Development Meeting, we discussed how we read and take notes in different subject areas. Near the end, we briefly went over some of the different techniques and strategies to address these issues from the agenda. (As a reminder, here is the agenda.) Choose one technique and describe how you could use it in your PAL Session.

Second, as a warm up to next week's meeting, think about technology in PAL Sessions. UMR is one of few technology-focused universities nationwide and it is an expectation to have both the students and instructors use technology in and outside of class. The technology used in these activities is planned and purposeful, becoming an effective tool to assist in the learning process. As we all know, PAL Sessions often operate differently than a normal class. With the focus on peer learning, the sessions often look like students collaborating with paper and a writing utensil, possibly with their laptop open looking at electronic resources or a website.

How could technology be integrated into a PAL Session in your area? What technology would be conducive to the activities in a PAL Session? How is the technology used is effective and results in a rich learning experience?

SMART Goal Planning


Knowing "where your students are" and "where you want your students to be after a session" is something that every PAL Facilitator should have outlined for a session. But what about the PAL Facilitator - where should you be professionally at the end of the semester? Even though there is a varied level of experience among the Facilitators in our group, there is still an opportunity for each person to advance by setting goals. However goals without methods to support them are often never reached. Instead of just setting normal goals, we are going to set SMART goals:

Specific - What are you going to do? Why is it important? How to do it?
Measureable - What can you do to see success occur?
Attainable - Know your capability; a little beyond is ok, too far and failure is eminent
Reasonable - Is my goal doable? Can I reach it given everything else I am balancing? Why?
Timely - Set a deadline for your goal and stick to it. What benchmarks are needed along the way?

Please take a moment before responding to think about a goal or two you would like to set professionally that is related to PAL. After coming up with a goal, describe how it is SMART, addressing each of the questions in the acronym.

Goals could pertain to techniques you will focus on, behavior in-class or in your PAL Session, increasing/maintaining attendance at PAL Sessions, etc.

First Entry!


Hello everyone!

Take a minute to introduce yourself and share one fun/exciting thing you did over the summer.

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