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Hello everyone!

Take a minute to introduce yourself and share one fun/exciting thing you did over the summer.



My name is Michelle Nelson. This summer was amazing! I enjoyed a trip to lovely Las Vegas where I met the LeBron James of roller derby. It was inspiring and intimidating!

I'm Marissah Wood. One exciting thing I did over the summer was learn how to wakeboard! I faceplanted a couple times but it was worth it. I was so sore the next day from holding the rope so tightly!

My name is Hawa Ali. My most exciting moment this summer was when I got the chance to dance with people from the Masai Tribe during my time in Kenya. They were shockingly tall and extremely friendly. We enjoyed great food and also came home with some of the famous handmade jewelry that the Masai are known for.

Hi everybody! My name is Cassie Bongers and over the summer I got a house with a few friends and it's a fixer-upper, that's for sure! I'm looking forward to working as a PAL this year!

Hi everyone! Most of you know me, but I am Karl Freese. I had a fairly mild summer with work and some classes. However, I was able to travel the tri-state area when I was working in a concessions wagon, which is always exciting.

Hi I'm Hailee! The highlight of my summer was getting engaged and moving into a house (from my small apartment).

Hello everyone! My name is Melissa Folstad, and this summer I drove down to Florida with my family. We're all big Disney fans and couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to Disney World once last time as a family.

My name is Brittany Howard. This summer I had a great time working!

Howdy. My name is Eric Mehlhaff. I spent this summer working at a tree nursery, volunteering at a hospital, and obtaining my nursing assistant certification. I look forward to helping students out in Calculus this fall.

I am sorry this is late you guys. My name is Karl Freese, but most of you already know that. This summer I took a couple of summer classes, Calculus 2 and Psychology. When I was not studying or in class, I was working.

Hi Everyone! My name is Britney Clemen. I spent the summer in Seattle, Washington with my family. I spent most of my time boating, fishing, crabbing and helping my sister and brother-in-law prepare their home for the arrival of their first child.

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