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sunday + monday + tuesday

so sunday i spent most of my day at home. i went to the kitty cat klub for a little senior show get together. i got a glass of wine and then decided to also get a grilled cheese with fries because i was very hungry and had to get a project done after (aka no better time to eat).

total for wine/food/tip: $9.25

monday i spent the day at work. i was good and stayed in for lunch! after work i had to run a few errands in order to finish a project and also needed to kill time before a meeting. first, i went to joann's to get some snaps, velcro, and fray check for a project.

total: $15.57

after joann's, i headed to the uptown area (in the direciton of spyhouse, where my meeting was located). i stopped at the fetus to pick up a ticket to hot chip, which i've been meaning to get for a while now.

total: $15.53 (SO excited for this show, i was jubilent while buying this ticket!)

then, i had more time to kill, so i stopped at kowalski's. i needed to pick up a thing of hummus dip (i use the jar for a packaging project). i also picked up some bananas, carrots, bread, rice cakes, simply asia bowls, and sushi for dinner.

total: $19.76

finally, i had a mocha at my aiga meeting at spyhouse. i needed a little boost of energy, that was for sure. we had a productive meeting!

total: $4.20 (with tip)

as for today (tuesday)... i didn't purchase a thing out of pocket! i got some sun chips and a vitamin water on my flexdine. i also got a free cupcake in class and a free redbull from claire! i was a good, relatively consumptionless day.