January 23, 2008

The Beginning of a Blera

I'm writing this blog to test out this moveable type deal. I'm going to make an admission that most likely bodes poorly for the future of this blog: I don't like blogs. The vast majority of them are unfocused, poorly written, redundant and boring. I don't follow any blogs and I can't really see myself starting any time soon. I just don't understand how people find these things so interesting.

I suppose I should clarify a bit. When I say blog I mean a random Joe Schmoe ranting about whatever comes to his mind on a blogger site. There are some sites that I read regularly that some may classify as "blogs", but they are either not about reading (OiR) or are attached to an already established media outlet (1up.com's editor blogs), in which case I view them as mini-articles since they've been written by professionals.

So what does all this mean in relation to my blog? Don't expect a lot.