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To the man who said the U.S. has no food origins, I say, look a little deeper. Down in the big state of Texas, about 133 years ago, there was a railroad track called the TEX.MEX. track. About 45 years later this track name transferred over to the nicknames of the people born in Texas coming from Mexican descent. The food originated from these descendants as a mix between authentic Mexican and Spanish foods. Although Texas became a part of New Spain and later Mexico, in the 20th century many American touches were apart of the food to make it cheap and available. One of the local restaurants that really describes these roots is the topic for todays blog!

Pepito's Tex-Mex Bar and Grill is a regularly packed restaurant because of its good food and fun environment. Originated in March 1971, Joe and Sue Pepito began their journey of serving tex mex food and have yet to end their journey. The menu has new day mexican food written all over it; from grilled bbq chicken or veggie tacos to Pepito's bread pudding. This restaurant originated at 4280 Chicago Ave, South Mlps and is still there along with two delis in other locations around the city. This family restaurant is spreading the unique food from young to old and bringing cultures and originality through flavors together all over the world.