Week 36

I'm back... Here's the progress we've made.

Project total (hours scanning + hours quality checking): 1209 hours, 186,108 scans

Met our 180,000 scan milestone on 3/25/2011.
The total scan count may not be this high in actuality. Some students are counting scans that were needed to correct and replace old scans. I will post a final count once the project is over.

We completed scanning all boxes from 6 of 6 collections nearly 2 months early.
University Archives decided to add one more collection to the project since there was time and money available.This grant wraps up in June. I'm not sure if we can completely scan this new collection before the. We will try our best to complete it.

The new scanner for MDL scanning and other DLS scanning is now set up and fully operational in room 313. This was not an easy set up process. Unbeknownst to us, the new system has a more sensitive light meter. The lighting needs to be just so. If it too dark, scans are dark. If it is too brignt... well, the scanner just stops working. Now that we know this, I just put a scrim over the lights to help diffuse the intensity. The scanner seems to be working just fine.

The original scanner is now named Zeus and the new scanner is named Athena. I decided to name them since they are exactly the same and we needed a name to differentiate between the two systems. This is especially helpful when troubleshooting and needing to reference each scanner to IT and other users.

Recently, we've been having some problems with focus. The scans get blurry at any given moment. We can not find a specific reason for this. We've had to go back and rescan hundreds of scans due to being out of focus. This seems like a new problem for this scanner (Zeus). Now the students are checking their scans every 20 scans just to make sure the focus is on target.

One last thing to note, we are finally getting our very own work station set up in room 313, dedicated strictly for QC. I'm very happy about this new work station. No more juggling schedules with other units.

Thats it for now.

Week 25

Project total (hours scanning + hours quality checking): 817 hours, 133,386 scans

Met our 130,000 scan milestone on 1/12/2011. We continue to be over a month ahead of schedule. Scanning was quiet the week before Christmas and the University was shut down over the holidays. Since we were already so far ahead of schedule, the lull in productivity did not set us behind. Several students wanted hours over the winter break. The students have pushed us further ahead of schedule. I'm lucky to have a great group of hard working students.

We're just finishing up the January winter break. Next week is the start of spring semester. The spring work schedule is set. One student is no longer with us. Her schedule did not allow for her to work with us this Spring. I posted the position, conducted interviews and have hired another student to work the open shifts. This individual had prior on the job scanning experience. I think she will be a good fit for the job.

The scanning room is getting an additional scanner. FM is coming in today to reconfigure the space and get the room ready to add the new scanner. It's just like the other scanner, just a more recent model. It will be a new dynamic for the students to have another employee in the room with them. They have always had the room to themselves in the past. I'm sure it will feel a little different, but hope it's still a pleasant work environment.

We're also in the midst of another transition for our QC work station. Starting with the spring semester, we're sharing the QC office space with other library student workers. We need to sort out the best way to continue QC progress on this project. Just a minor speed bump in the scheme of things. However, it does need to get sorted out since students are due to come in and need a place to work.

That's it for now.

Week 20

Project total (hours scanning + hours quality checking): 689 hours, 116,637 scans

Met our 110,000 scan milestone on 12/03/2010. We continue to be ahead of schedule. This week is finals week so some students are needing time off. We also have the holiday/furlough time off. So we'll be slowing our production at the end of the month. Not too worried since we are ahead in our scanning and I've got shifts filled through the January break.

Most students continue to be very reliable and hard workers.
Working on setting a spring semester schedule.
Possibly hiring another student.

All scanning of the Borlaug Papers is complete. We've got one box left to correct before being completely finished with the Borlaug collection (01014). Students are in full scanning mode with the Stakman Papers collection (01017).

Our Quality Checking computer station has moved locations and is up and running now. This may change again due to some changes to the office where we quality check. I need to discuss the possibility of having an ASC student doing some of the quality checking. I'll talk it over with Jason, Karen and Linnea.

Week 17

Project total (hours scanning + hours quality checking): 620 hours, 102,417 scans

Met our 100,000 scan milestone. We're close to two months ahead of schedule.
This is great news incase our estimates are off. This will give us time to scan any unexpected work that may show up at the end of the project.

Our Quality checking computer station has been moved. This will hold us up a bit on the QC until a new work space is set up. No too worried about this since we are months ahead of schedule. I will check into this today or tomorrow, since the students don't want their hours cut due to lack of work space available.

We've completed scanning for the Borlaug collect (01014). We're still completed the quality checking and corrections.
Students started scanning the next collection (01017).
We're making good progress so far.

Week 13

I've been out on vacation for the past two weeks.
Students have been working independently.
No problems while I was away. That's what I like to hear.

Some cancellations due to school work, but we're still ahead of schedule.
School interruptions are to be expected.

We've been approved to get another copibook scanner in the near future. We'll put two scanners in the same lab. The second scanner will be used for other library projects, but when not in use, we will use it for the Green Rev project whenever staffing is available.

We met 70,000 scans last week. We'll meet 80,00 next week if not today.

Week 10

The Green Revolution project is in full swing.
All students are on board, production is high. 4 students scanning and 4 students doing quality checks. 3 of the students do both scanning and quality checking.

Last week we had a high level of productivity. (8,082 scans in 34 hours -- weekly total)
We met another milestone. We surpassed 50,000 scans.
Presently,we are at 58,055 scans and on par to meet our 60,000 scan milestone this week.

Last week, we attached a little check list to every box.
This tag lists all the stages of our digitizing process.
When each student completes a specific stage in their box, they mark that stage complete and ready for the next stage.
This will help us keep the boxes organized and clearly labeled so everyone knows exactly what stage every box is at.

Everyone has been communicating well with me.
Things are going smoothly so far. Hope it stays this way.

2010 Academic year is in session

Met 40,000 scan milestone last week
For week 6
Project total (hours scanning + quality checking) 221 hours 41450 scans

I've been in and out of the office for the past three weeks with various training and personal time off. The students are fine to keep the workflow at a high level of production.

I also created a detailed letter of successful work performance expectations. I am going over it with all my new students and will use it as we hire future student employees.

Jason successfully completed the scanner upgrade without a hitch. The students haven't said anything about the scanner malfunctioning since the upgrade was complete. All settings were saved and the scans seem to be calibrated.

Last week I trained a new student on the scanner and our workflow.
I'll go over quality assurance next week. I'll have another new student for training next week.

I also heard from a former student who is interested in working for a few hours per week during the project. She can work as a tace employee and can help with quality checking.

One of my other students whom I had to let go, said she would be available to work as a floater if needed. So I'm hoping I've got my bases covered this semester. I just hope the students catch on and want to say on board throughout the project's completion next summer.

Summer transitions

Week 4 Project total (hours scanning + quality checking) 169 hours 27006 scans

Last week was a little bumpy with students not coming in as scheduled. However, two students were able to pick up more hours which helped. The next two weeks we're
down to 2 student workers.

One student is on vacation all this week and next week.
Another student has left us. She graduated and has moved on with her work. She may be back on a weekly basis for quality checks.
Another student is also looking at other work options. She hasn't decided if she will work
at the libraries this fall.
I interviewed another new student. She'll start after Labor Day.

On top of all this, I'm at a conference for three days this week. I hope this does not slow the students down. As long as the scanner is functioning, the students can handle working independently.

I'm hoping once school starts and students get settled into their fall schedule, work flow will be more reliable than this end of summer transition.

The goal for today is to get a fall schedule out to students.

20,000 scans

Last week we reached a new milestone -- 20,000 scans!
We're about a week ahead of schedule. That's a good thing.

Quick Glance at last week's total hours and scans.
Project total (hours scanning + quality checking) 113 hours 21442 scans

The project seems to be moving along well.
I interviewed another student last week. She'll start working on the project
the first week in September. Another student should come in for an interview later this week once she gets her new schedule. I should contact her today just to touch base.

Sarah B said she could work 1 shift per week during the school year as a Tac employee. I could use her for quality assurance so I'll need to get her student status switched over after next week.

Week 2 Scan Count

Project total (hours scanning + quality checking)
79.25 hours 14950 scans

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