Ready Set Scan

We're on the heels of starting to scan the Green Revolution.

We were originally expecting to start scanning June 1st. Funding has been approved.
Now we're just finishing up a year long project scanning the American Social Health Association (ASHA) documents belonging to the Social Welfare History Archives, here at the Univeristy of Minnesota Libraries.

We're nearing the last week of July and I'm hopeful my students will finish the ASHA project today. As I've learned on many occasions, however, nothing goes as planned.

I've currently got four great students scanning all the documents. Two will be leaving me at the summer's end. I'm working on hiring 2 more students to replace the ones that are leaving. Right now the students are in charge of prepping all the documents, scanning the documents and they will also handle any post scan work as needed.

Once the scanning starts I'll be tracking our progress and pitfalls throughout the project on this blog.

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