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Week 20

Project total (hours scanning + hours quality checking): 689 hours, 116,637 scans

Met our 110,000 scan milestone on 12/03/2010. We continue to be ahead of schedule. This week is finals week so some students are needing time off. We also have the holiday/furlough time off. So we'll be slowing our production at the end of the month. Not too worried since we are ahead in our scanning and I've got shifts filled through the January break.

Most students continue to be very reliable and hard workers.
Working on setting a spring semester schedule.
Possibly hiring another student.

All scanning of the Borlaug Papers is complete. We've got one box left to correct before being completely finished with the Borlaug collection (01014). Students are in full scanning mode with the Stakman Papers collection (01017).

Our Quality Checking computer station has moved locations and is up and running now. This may change again due to some changes to the office where we quality check. I need to discuss the possibility of having an ASC student doing some of the quality checking. I'll talk it over with Jason, Karen and Linnea.

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