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Week 36

I'm back... Here's the progress we've made.

Project total (hours scanning + hours quality checking): 1209 hours, 186,108 scans

Met our 180,000 scan milestone on 3/25/2011.
The total scan count may not be this high in actuality. Some students are counting scans that were needed to correct and replace old scans. I will post a final count once the project is over.

We completed scanning all boxes from 6 of 6 collections nearly 2 months early.
University Archives decided to add one more collection to the project since there was time and money available.This grant wraps up in June. I'm not sure if we can completely scan this new collection before the. We will try our best to complete it.

The new scanner for MDL scanning and other DLS scanning is now set up and fully operational in room 313. This was not an easy set up process. Unbeknownst to us, the new system has a more sensitive light meter. The lighting needs to be just so. If it too dark, scans are dark. If it is too brignt... well, the scanner just stops working. Now that we know this, I just put a scrim over the lights to help diffuse the intensity. The scanner seems to be working just fine.

The original scanner is now named Zeus and the new scanner is named Athena. I decided to name them since they are exactly the same and we needed a name to differentiate between the two systems. This is especially helpful when troubleshooting and needing to reference each scanner to IT and other users.

Recently, we've been having some problems with focus. The scans get blurry at any given moment. We can not find a specific reason for this. We've had to go back and rescan hundreds of scans due to being out of focus. This seems like a new problem for this scanner (Zeus). Now the students are checking their scans every 20 scans just to make sure the focus is on target.

One last thing to note, we are finally getting our very own work station set up in room 313, dedicated strictly for QC. I'm very happy about this new work station. No more juggling schedules with other units.

Thats it for now.

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