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North Carolina Plane Crash Leaves 6 Dead

A small, twin-engine went down on the North Carolina-Virginia border killing all six passengers on board.

The plane crashed as it tried to land. Investigators believe that low fog and light rain may have been a factor in the crash. The plane went down in the in the front yard of a home.

According to Warren Woodberry, the spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane took off from Cedartown, Ga. The plane was in route to a hunting and golf resort in Meadows of Dan, Va.

The plane could safely carry six passengers, and was carrying six people at the time. None of the passengers survived.

According to FAA records, the plane is registered to Blue Sky Airways in Dallas, Ga. The cousin of one of the men on board, Ronald Raskestraw, identified him as being John Rakestraw. The man’s cousin said that John Rakestraw is a pilot who owns a construction company listed as having the same address as the plane’s registration.

Debris from the crash was found in a small radius between the two homes.

The National Transportation Safety Board will not being investigating until Saturday.