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17-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth in Shower, Walks to Hospital

When a 17-year-old California girl began feeling contractions during her early morning shower, she knew what she should do.

Xochitl Parra was taking a shower around 5:30 a.m. when she began to feel contractions.

"I felt his head coming, so I sit down and pushed so he could come out," Parra said. The baby was still attached by the placenta.

After giving birth to the baby boy, she got dressed and wrapped the baby up. She could not call 911 because the phone in her home was disconnected. She said she did not want to wake the neighbors for help because it was so early in the morning.

Instead, Parra walked four blocks to a nearby hospital cradling her son in her arms. When she reached the hospital lobby, she began asking for help according to the director of the St. Mary Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Dr. Jose Perez.

The baby was healthy and "eating like a champ," according to Perez, who commended the girl for her quick thinking.

"They could have bled to death; thank God that didn't happen," the said. "She was very clever. She knew what to do. She wrapped the baby up and walked over here."

FOX News