March 22, 2005

Deadwing and other thoughs

As Aaron "buttface" Lewis would say, "its been awhile".

Spring break was fun... got to chill in Connecuit with my friend Phil. He showed me a good time. The highlight was going to this goth club (my first time at a goth club) and just taking in the environment. Nothing like i'd ever see here in the midwest. I now understand why Phil is so dirty though... his house is HIDEOUS. animal hair and dirt everywhere.

I started playing WoW (world of warcraft) again with my friend Sobhi. This time its casual, more like for late night when i cant sleep kind of thing. im a lvl 18 or 19 warlock (cant remember). hes a lvl 15 rogue. so still noobs :)

Finally got Porcupine Tree - "Deadwing". was absolutley nothing like i've expected. it took me a couple of listens to get into yet, and even though i'm still not fully into it yet, it has definatley grown on me. I hated "In Absentia" for the longest time except for the first two songs, and now it is one of my all time favorite albums (and even better on vinyl). hopefully this is the same.

back to stat hwork.

ps. oh, and My Bloody Valentine - "Loveless" grew on me.. its a very good album. damnit.

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March 2, 2005

Get the fuck outta my kitchen sink

our kitchen sink is downright DISGUSTING. phil is so fucking lazy its ridicliuos. first he clogged the sink with all of his shit (literally, the drain is clogged) and now all of his shit is back in there.

last night, just as the drains were starting to empty... he used water and cleaned a pan with meat on it.... so now its back to the total gross stage. i've used 1 pan, 1 bowl, and 1 plate all semester long. now i wash them all in the kitchen sink... yuck.

other than this, life is good for the most part. school is decent, i got all my homework for tomorrow done already (that has to be a record XD).

i have the whole week off of work because nothing is going on... very nice. i just need to not buy any records this week because extra cash may be a little slim. going to be harder than it sounds... lol.

ive been somewhat tempted to come back to WoW... the mmorpg bug is still in me XD. if i do, i want to create a character where i wont be reliant on others and i can just have fun... something like a hunter or warlock. mage is a blast, but man, a mage cant solo for shit unless you have a ton of room, which you usually dont. and no way im going to be a shaman or anything horde.. lol.

the main reason why i quit ffxi was because pld is way too reliant on others... we couldnt solo anything. my pld was absolutley ridiculous (staff 260) and i still could only solo DC at best. this is while i see ninjas and theifs soloing IT mobs.

oh well.. we'll see what happens^^

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February 23, 2005

2/23/05 2:12 AM

cant sleep as usual.

i'm listening to My Bloody Valentine - "Loveless" right now... i think this is my 4th time TRYING to listen to it. it's just so distorted and the guitar effects are so abstract... i guess i dont really understand at this point and time why so many ppl say "omg best shoegazer album ever hands down all others suck" when imo stuff from Chapterhouse and Slowdive is ALOT better.

granted, it took me time to warm up to these bands, especially slowdive, but i'm not a huge fan of extremely "abstract" things. to me, you have to be extremely "abstact" because you are not talented/creative... i believe that simplistic and abstractul are very close to one another on the creative continium. its not hard to play 4 chords over and over again the same way its not hard to just distort the fuck out of your guitar so people cant even tell what you're playing (which is probably 4 chords over and over again).

ive never been one to like something just because everyone else does or because im supposed to anyways XD.

i think im going to try to tabulate my thoughts on "image", but not now. maybe tomorrow. going to try to fall asleep again right now.

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February 22, 2005

1st entry

*Danger* Internet Pop Star Alert

Hi, my name is Matt, i'm 20 and a student @ the UofM.

besides being a student, i work at a country club during the week and on weekends.

i love music/video games/friends/sports/parties etc etc...your "normal" college student.......

........or so people think.

my prised possesion are my two turntables/mixer and my growing vinyl collection. i LOVE music of all genres (except mainstream rap/country) but i am extremely picky on who i like and dont like.

although i like big "college" games like halo, most of the games i really like are RPG's/strategy games made in japan. my favorite item in my video game collection is my sega cd collection with all the Working Designs RPGs.

i guess you could say i am a "recovering" MMORPG addict. final fantasy XI to be exact. i had a lvl 75(highest level) galka paladin, but i sold my character for $750 to some guy in texas whos an even bigger addict than i was. i used to be ashamed of my addiction, but now i really dont care. people can think what they want.

getting over my MMORPG addiction though has gave me a much greater respect for real life. i love to go out with friends to raves/clubs and i love to dance. so much so my friends are pulling me off the dance floor because its time to go^^. I dream about traveling the world and having a blast. I enjoy being young and i'm all about having a good time.

my appearance is very casual and i'm very approachable (so much so the old ladies ask me for help in the grocery store XD). i am a very easy going person who gets along with pretty much everyone. im single and couldnt be happier (no girlfriend = no drama). but if i met a ridiculously awesome girl, id think twice.

although im easy going, im also very opinionated. i guess i always have been since i was a little kid. i like something because i like it, not because i'm supposed to like it or because alot of other people like it. My interests range from NFL football to Skinny Puppy to Sex in the City. I think that genres are nothing but restrictions we put on things in order to relate to other people in a easier manner. If you enjoy something even though it clashes with your appearance/genre/whatever, don't let these boundaries restrict your thought.

just be yourself.

whew, with that said, i swore off interent eblogs a long time ago, but as long as i dont act retarded, it should be ok. plus i really like the exclusitivity of having it here (i.e. few ppl can see it).

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