February 23, 2005

2/23/05 2:12 AM

cant sleep as usual.

i'm listening to My Bloody Valentine - "Loveless" right now... i think this is my 4th time TRYING to listen to it. it's just so distorted and the guitar effects are so abstract... i guess i dont really understand at this point and time why so many ppl say "omg best shoegazer album ever hands down all others suck" when imo stuff from Chapterhouse and Slowdive is ALOT better.

granted, it took me time to warm up to these bands, especially slowdive, but i'm not a huge fan of extremely "abstract" things. to me, you have to be extremely "abstact" because you are not talented/creative... i believe that simplistic and abstractul are very close to one another on the creative continium. its not hard to play 4 chords over and over again the same way its not hard to just distort the fuck out of your guitar so people cant even tell what you're playing (which is probably 4 chords over and over again).

ive never been one to like something just because everyone else does or because im supposed to anyways XD.

i think im going to try to tabulate my thoughts on "image", but not now. maybe tomorrow. going to try to fall asleep again right now.

Posted by brow1241 at February 23, 2005 2:23 AM