March 2, 2005

Get the fuck outta my kitchen sink

our kitchen sink is downright DISGUSTING. phil is so fucking lazy its ridicliuos. first he clogged the sink with all of his shit (literally, the drain is clogged) and now all of his shit is back in there.

last night, just as the drains were starting to empty... he used water and cleaned a pan with meat on it.... so now its back to the total gross stage. i've used 1 pan, 1 bowl, and 1 plate all semester long. now i wash them all in the kitchen sink... yuck.

other than this, life is good for the most part. school is decent, i got all my homework for tomorrow done already (that has to be a record XD).

i have the whole week off of work because nothing is going on... very nice. i just need to not buy any records this week because extra cash may be a little slim. going to be harder than it sounds... lol.

ive been somewhat tempted to come back to WoW... the mmorpg bug is still in me XD. if i do, i want to create a character where i wont be reliant on others and i can just have fun... something like a hunter or warlock. mage is a blast, but man, a mage cant solo for shit unless you have a ton of room, which you usually dont. and no way im going to be a shaman or anything horde.. lol.

the main reason why i quit ffxi was because pld is way too reliant on others... we couldnt solo anything. my pld was absolutley ridiculous (staff 260) and i still could only solo DC at best. this is while i see ninjas and theifs soloing IT mobs.

oh well.. we'll see what happens^^

Posted by brow1241 at March 2, 2005 9:35 PM