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Academic Awards for Road Movies (GWSS 3307, Fall 2011) Name_______________ Due at the beginning of class December 6.

Best Actor (select 2 and rank order):

(1) Gary Farmer

(2) Peter Fonda

Actress (select 2 and rank order):

(1) Queen Latifah

(2) Geena Davis

Best Supporting Actor/Actress (select2 and rank order):

(1) Jada Pinkett

(2) John Leguizamo

Best Road Film from GWSS 3007 Series: Set It Off

Why? I think this film brought out so many different life perspectives and realities. I also think this movie kept you on your seat excited and sad at the same time.

Best Trans-Character in Trans-Cinema Road Film: To Wong Foo

Why? I really liked the characters a lot; I really enjoyed how they were able to transform a boring old town into a colorful happy place. I also liked how the characters all represented different stages of transgender transformations.

Most Complicated Character in a Road Film Narrative: Greg Kinnear

Why? I think he was all over the place. He wanted to shine but in reality what he said didn't make any sense. He had to fail in order to be brought back to reality. He was suppose to be a family man but he only seems to care about his daughter making him some money.

Favorite and Most Memorable Vehicle in a Road Film: (select 2 and rank order):
The van in Little Miss Sunshine has to be the most memorable because it barely hung on at all but it made it through. My favorite vehicle is the hydraulic car in Set it off.

Best Example of the Male Gaze in a Road Film? I think all of the riding on the motorcycles and the smoking, pure freedom in Easy Rider represented the male Gaze.

Worst Road Film screened in GWSS 3307: I think this is a tie between Little Miss Sunshine and Vagabond. These movies really didn't produce anything for me. Little Miss Sunshine was funny in an odd sort of way. Vagabond was more depressing.

Your favorite cop in the road movie genre: To Wong Foo
(Name the Movie)
Best Soundtrack in a Road Film: Set it Off
(Check out Youtube soundtracks for these films)

Best feminist film in the GWSS series: Set It Off

Why? The women in this movie did all they could to make ends meet. When one fell down they worked as a team to get them back up again. The did everything as one. There was some fighting but in the end they represented true feminism. They were strong, powerful women. I think men were afraid of them.

Best Example of "Counter Cinema" in a Road Film Narrative:Vagabond.

Your definition of "counter cinema": oppositional films that set themselves apart from mainstream films. These films oppose mainstream films. They are independently paid for unlike big films.

Best Filmic Study of Gender on the Road: Two Wong Foo

Why? I think the queens did a really good job of showing their feminine sides and changing the women in the town. I also think Patrick Swayze's character really showed the abusive husband how women are supposed to be treated. The town guys attempted to use them. I think this film really showed how women are suppose to be treated by men, how to carry themselves to gain respect.

Best Filmic Study of Race on the Road: Pow Wow Highway

Why? The Natives were treated as if they were second-class citizens that didn't deserve anything good. The guy at the electronic store barely wanted to give them a second glance. The councilmen wanted to treat the townspeople as if they were not even the same nationality as him. I think overall they were treated badly in this film but they still did all they could to hang on to their pride. Well philbert did all he could anyway.

Best Filmic Study of Class on the Road: Little Miss Sunshine

Why? The daughter didn't have any of the nice costumes and performances like the other pageant children so they were looked at as way lower class. They had a lot going on in their family that made them look like they were of a lower class. They talked about what they could afford a lot.

Best Filmic Study of Queer Bodies on the Road: To Wong Foo

Why? This movie truly represented all aspects of Queer bodies. They were all different and at different stages. They carried themselves in a respectable manner and did not take any mess from anyone.

Best Definition of a Road Film from the Readings (excerpt from the readings, give page number and author): ''Most if the road movie elements mobilized by Bonnie and Clyde- glorified transience, fugitive/alternative lifestyle, cultural critique, visionary ambition, and restless sensuality- were further molded in 1969 into what remains the quintessential, genre defining road movie, Easy Rider. (Pg. 66, Blazing the trail, visionary rebellion and late 1960 road movies)

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