gender work done and undone

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In To Wong Foo the gender work that was done and undone was all over the place in certain sections. Each Queen had their own style and way of doing things. Vida was more classy hence his upbringing so she dressed more sophisticated and carried herself in a classy manner, Noxema was classy but a little bit out there. She dressed in more casual items but she was classy with them. Chi Chi was confused and just put on anything. All three of them did gender work by making sure they were out together enough to pass as women. They went as far as to change the room they were in when the car was being fixed. They even taught the other women how to act. The only time i really saw vida get out of character was when she went to check out her childhood home and when she beat up the abusive husband. they were able to convince a lot of people which proves the amount of work that was done to maintain their feminine ways.

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