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Caucus crazy

People showed up in record numbers around Minnesota to take part in the caucus the Pioneer Press reported.Minnesota was one of over 20 states that held caucuses or a primary on what has become known as "Super Tuesday."
In years past Minnesota has held its caucus much later than the rest of the country. This often leads to a lower turnout because by that time the candidates are usually already selected and the votes do not have much of an impact.
This year the races are close and the voting is taking place in line with most of the rest of the country. High turnout was expected but the amount of voters was overwhelming in much of Minnesota. "We guesstimated high as far as supplies, and even our highest estimates weren't enough," said Jeffrey Williams, co-chair of the Republican House District 55A caucus.
The people voiced their support strongly for each party. Democrat candidate Obama won much of the young vote appealing to the college towns of Minnesota Associated Press writer Brian Bakst reported. For the GOP voters selected Mit Romney by a large margin.