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Hub in trouble

The possible merger of Northwest Airlines and Delta concerns Minnesota legislators about the future of NWA hub KARE 11 reports.
Governor Tim Pawlenty and other government leaders held a press conference expressing their concern.
NWA, which has its central hub in Minneapolis-St. Paul international airport, is on the verge of a deal which would merge them with Delta Airlines.
The move could potentially move NWA hub to Atlanta, a location where Delta Airlines chief executive Richard Andersen believes the joint hub should be.
Because very little information is available about the deal legislators are meeting to decide what Minnesota's stance and best interests are.
"Northwest Airlines has been excellent for Minnesota, and Minnesota has been excellent for Northwest," Senate Majority Larry Pogemiller said.
The state and airline have had a very intertwined past and NWA still owes the state $445 million in loans and concessions the Pioneer Press reported.
Pawlenty is hoping the airline will stay true to its word and maintain its Minnesota hub. The move of the hub would result in the loss of at least 1,000 jobs at NWA's Eagan headquarters.
The Minneapolis-St. Paul airport is a "highly desirable hub," Pawlenty said.