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Vulcans making headlines in a positive way

The Pioneer Press reports that the famous St. Paul winter carnival Vulcans are being acknowledged for their good deeds rather than their dirty deeds this winter. The Vulcans who have been a staple of the carnival for decades have come under scrutiny over the years for lewd acts and raucous behavior. All of this coming to head in 2005 when the Vulcan King pleaded guilty to inappropriate contact with female bartenders at a downtown bar.
Despite the negative image the Vulcans have been tagged with in recent years the organization has a long history of philanthropy and community service. "In the coming year, Vulcans will participate in about 200 events, provide hundreds of holiday meals and gifts, and raise thousands of dollars for various causes." reports Alex Friedrich of the Pioneer Press.
This year they are getting noticed for saving the ever popular snow sculpting contest. Originally cancelled due to lack of funds the Vulcans donated their time and $10,000 to keep the contest. The Associated Press reports that "About 70 former Vulcans will donate their muscle and equipment beginning Sunday to scoop the snow and stuff it into large wooden molds."
Making headlines for charity and service is the image Vulcans are looking for. Even though they have had some rocky years in the past it seems the Vulcans are still beloved as carnival chief Kate Kelly said "Without Vulcans, the Winter Carnival would be "booorrrrrinnngg.''