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March 28, 2008


I used an obit from the New York Times about a Minnesota author.
The writer used books the author wrote and interviewed a professor from a Minnesota college.
It follows the standard obituary lead because it is from the New York Times.
I think the lead works because it does a good job of telling you who he is and what he is famous for.
The difference of an obituary and resume is that this provides background for why he did what he did. Obits also can tell unflattering things like a scandal or divorce.

Learn English Do Not Go To Jail

A judge has ordered three men to learn English or go to jail USA Today reported. The three defendants were ordered to learn how to read and write English as well as get GEDs and find full time employment. If they do not accomplish this they face 24 months in prison.
The ruling came after the three men used a translator to respond to the judge in court.
The judge responded "Do you think we are going to supply you with a translator all of your life?"
The judge has become known for his out of the ordinary sentencing FOX News reports.
He has had high school dropouts go back and finish school as well as make people get jobs.

Chem Leak

The Pioneer Press reports that students can return to school after a chemical leak sent dozens of people to the hospital.
The Rocori High School in Cold Spring was evacuated today after a chemical leak involving liquid chlorine.
The leak, which sent 37 students and one staff member to the hospital, was linked to the pool the St Cloud Times reported.
None of the injuries were considered serious.
The building was evacuated and given the all clear after emergency crews and a hazardous materials team inspected the school.

March 25, 2008

Republican Candidate Out

The Pioneer Press reports that Republican party activists will not support incumbent candidates.
House representative of Andover, Kathy Tingelstad, announced Monday that she will not seek re-election.
After Tingelstad voted against party lines on the transportation bill she fell out of favor with party activists who will not endorse her.
The Republicans who went against party lines, now being called the "Override Six," are losing their district endorsements.
The Coon Rapids Herald reports that the loss of endorsement was only part of why she will not seek re-election.
Tingelstad would like to pursue other ventures at an executive level in either business or government.

March 24, 2008

Mayor slapped with laundry list of charges

The Mayor of Detroit was charged with perjury on Monday the Associated Press reported.
Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick, 37, has been charged with eight felony charges including perjury and obstruction of justice. While many had known an investigation was going on since the start of the year, people from the city were left shocked by the scale and seriousness of the charges. "I was not expecting to hear 12 counts. I almost fell out of my chair," Sen. Tupac Hunter said the Detroit Free Press reported.
The problems arose when text messages between Kilpatrick and his then chief of staff Christine Beatty were published and raised questions about the accuracy of some under oath testimony.
In the end prosecutor Kym L. Worthy made the lesson very clear, lying is bad. "Even children understand that lying is wrong,� she said.
Kilpatrick had been heralded as a "Hip-Hop Mayor" who was bringing life back into the struggling Detroit area.
“He had the potential of being a very effective mayor over many, many years, and he has wrecked any future political career over a sexual dalliance," University historian Charles K. Hyde said.

Chile Quake

An earthquake struck Chile on Monday Reuters reported.
The quake’s epicenter was in the copper rich mining area of northern Chile. The quake registered a magnitude of 6.1 but no immediate damage or casualties were recorded.
The BBC reports that Chile is located in a very active seismic area of the world.
Despite the 6.1 magnitude the quake appears to have been mostly harmless. In 2005 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck in a nearby Monday's quake leaving 11 people dead and thousands without homes.

March 11, 2008

Go Speed Racer?

Minnesota Twins centerfield prospect maybe fastest player in baseball the Pioneer Press reported Monday.
Carlos Gomez was acquired from the Mets in the Johan Santana deal and is one of three players battling for the centerfield job.
Gomez may just end up winning it Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said.
While has very little major league experience and is not considered a great on-base hitter his blinding speed and youth maybe all he needs to get the starting job.
Gardenhire has made decisions that went against popular opinion before and has hinted that he may do so again this season. "Sometimes you just have to go against the grain a little bit," Gardenhire said in the Pioneer Press.
Whether or not he is the fastest in baseball if you ask Gomez you are left with little doubt. "If somebody say they're faster, have him come here and we race," Gomez said.

March 10, 2008

Frontrunner now Franken

Mike Ciresi announced Monday that he will no longer campaign for Senate MPR reports.
After a lackluster campaign for US Senate Ciresi ended his bid for Senate today. "In my judgment, continuing the endorsement race would only lead to an unnecessary floor fight. It is time to step aside," Ciresi said.
Ciresi decided not to dump money into his campaign this time around hoping instead to win based on his stance on the issues.
Recently Ciresi criticized Al Franken on his political past and his current stance. He suggested that Franken will have a tough time against current Senator Norm Coleman.
Franken said he will not make a statement until he has had a chance to speak with Ciresi the Associated Press reports.
Franken's success has been attributed to his massive fund raising combined with his political affiliations and endorsements.
The dropping out of Ciresi makes Franken the lead candidate for the Democratic Party.
Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer another candidate said he has a legitimate chance to be elected and was actually doing better than Ciresi.

Justice Stepping Down

Minnesota's Supreme Court Chief Justice announced his retirement Monday MPR reported.
Russell Anderson will end his 25 year career in the state’s judicial system effective June 1, 2008.
Anderson has a long history of public service. From a stint in the Navy to being Chief Justice on the Supreme Court Anderson has invested in the state and country.
After being a County Attorney and a district court judge for many years Anderson was appointed Associate Justice on the Supreme Court in 1998.
Anderson was appointed Chief Justice by Governor Tim Pawlenty in 2006.
During his years as a judge Anderson worked on starting and building the Minnesota Judicial Council.
"Chief Justice Anderson is an extraordinary leader and public servant," Pawlenty said as reported by the Pioneer Press.

Gov. in sex scandel

The New York Times reports that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has been linked to a prostitution ring Monday.
Spitzer held a brief news conference today talking about failing his family and the public. “I have disappointed and failed to live up to the standard I expected of myself. I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family," Spitzer said.
The scandal was part of a ring of prostitutes run by the Emperors Club, a prostitution service.
The last known incident occurred on Feb. 13th in Washington D.C. when Spitzer paid to have a prostitute come to his hotel room.
The issue may not be that Spitzer had sex with prostitutes but rather how they were paid for ABC News reports.
The investigation into Spitzer initially had nothing to do with prostitution but suspected bribes.
Only after the latest meeting was the Governor found to be spending money for sex.
The question of legal action has been raised because of a possible attempt to hide the spending.
The obscure statute called "structuring" is most likely what Spitzer would be charged with.
Structuring, which is the process of financial moves intended to hide the true purpose of the spending, is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Sins get a facelift

The Vatican unveiled a new list of Seven deadly sins Monday according to The Associated Press.
The new list is much more focused on a global scale. The issues are more of a worldwide team effort where as the original list was focused on individual uprightness.
Some of the new "social" sins include drug abuse, pollution and poverty. Another one of the sins is the concept of bioethical sins such as the use of contraceptive devices according to Bloomberg.
The new lists social dimension come from the increasingly globalized world.

March 4, 2008

Gone 4 Good

Brett Favre announced Tuesday that he will retire from pro football The Associated Press reports.
With the announcement comes the end of an era in Green Bay, where Favre has been the team’s quarterback for 16 seasons. During that time Favre has set a number of NFL records. Some good, like most wins and touchdowns in a career, and some bad, like most interceptions. All in all Favre will most likely be remembered for his ironman streak of 253 straight starts (275 including playoffs).
The news shocked many including his teammates. After a turnaround year and an unemotional finish the consensus was that Favre would return for one if not more seasons.
Favre's decision for not coming back was related to him being mentally tired and believing that anything but a Super Bowl victory would be failure.
The AP reported a spike in sales of Favre and Packer merchandise as well as a concentration of fans gathering in Green Bay.
Within hours of the announcement signs were hanging and fences were painted with messages and thanks to Favre.
The image of another quarterback coming out of the tunnel in Green Bay is something that will be hard to get used to.

Borrowing a Billion

The Minnesota State Senate Tuesday approved a $1 billion borrowing plan MPR reported.
The bill would help pay for public building projects like college campus construction and state Capitol restoration as well as landfill remediation and hiking trail upgrades.
Sen. Keith Langseth said "You know, the best time to build is during the recession." He and other members of the Senate Capital Investment Committee scaled back the $1 billion bill from its original request for $3.5 billion.
Still Gov. Tim Pawlenty would like to see the bill cut back even further in light of projected state budget deficit.
Some Republicans including Pawlenty have suggested a 10 percent decrease bringing the bill to around $825 million.
Despite asking for cut backs to the overall cost The Associated Press reports that the bill lacks funding for a new state park that Pawlenty proposed.
The bill easily passed in the Senate with a 51-7 vote and is expected to be voted on in the House Thursday. The hope is to have a bill on Pawlenty's desk by March 15 so that some of the projects can be started this spring.

Minneapolis 911 honred

The Minneapolis Emergency Communications Center won an award Tuesday for there efforts during the I-35 bridge collapse the Star Tribune reported.
The 2008 award for 911 Outstanding Call Center was given by the E9-1-1 Institute. The not-for-profit organization based in Washington D.C. promotes emergency call and 911 issues.
The recognition comes from the Aug. 1 bridge collapse. During the first two hours after the collapse the center handled 505 calls. That is more than triple the normal call load.
Employees who also had the day off came into help out with the high demand.
On top of that they worked seamlessly with the emergency services and their radio transmission. During the first six hours of the emergency, only one high-priority transmission received a busy signal according to the Pioneer Press.

March 3, 2008

Wendy's Shooter

A man opened fire in a West Palm Beach, Fla. Wendy's Monday leaving one dead and four injured The Associated Press reported.
The shooter was identified as Alburn Edward Blake, 60. He came into the Wendy's just after noon.
The well dressed shooter first shot firefighter Rafael Vazquez, 42, who came back into the restaurant and was standing at the counter to get the free toy that was supposed to come with his child’s meal.
The shooter then randomly and silently sprayed bullets around the restaurant injuring four people before turning the gun on himself. All of the injured were brought to area hospitals and are being treated for non-life threatening wounds.
Another person was injured when they fell trying to escape. People all around the restaurant tried to get away when they heard the shots. People in the drive through abandoned their cars and a lady who was about to walk in and heard the shots turned and ran.
The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that this Wendy's has had issues with violence before.
The drive-through was held up with an automatic weapon last year and in 2006 two men broke a glass window and forced employees into the storage cooler.

Nepal Copter Crash

Ten people died when a helicopter crashed Monday in Nepal CNN reported.
The United Nations helicopter crashed in Bhawasa, a mountainous region of Nepal while it was heading back to the capital Kathmandu.
Nepal's home ministry said there were 12 people in the helicopter and all on board are feared dead.
The BBC reports that witnesses saw the helicopter get hit by lightning and burst into flames before it crashed in the Ramechhap district.
So far ten bodies have been pulled from the wreckage. The specifics of exactly who was on the helicopter are not known.
Bad weather has hindered recovery efforts to the area that is not accessible by road.

March 2, 2008

Bored(games) online?

The Internet craze over a famous online board game is causing real life trouble for games producers The New York Times reports.
An online knockoff of the classic board game Scrabble, called Scrabulous, has taken the Internet by storm. Ever since the game was added as an application on the popular networking site Facebook, the game has grown to over 700,000 players a day and nearly three million registered users.
The online version of the game offers a new way to play that is easy and favorable to an on the go world. The online version has also lead to a large number of new players.
Mattel and Hasbro, the distributors of the game, call Scrabulous piracy and are threatening to bring legal action against the two Calcutta brothers who made the game the United Press International reports.

Minneapolis shooting

The Pioneer Press reports that a Minneapolis teenager was killed today.
The shooting happened at the intersection of Portland Ave. S. and Lake St. E. The boy was pronounced dead at Hennepin County Medical Center where he was brought.
The boy was walking with a group of people when the five shots were fired KARE11 reported.
Another person was injured when a stray bullet broke a glass window at a nearby Midas.
Police have no suspects or arrests in the investigation.

Explosion yeilds body

A body was discovered in the remains of a house explosion in Rochester the Associated Press reported. The house that was built in 1931 exploded early Saturday morning. The cause of the explosion is unknown and police are still considering the area a crime scene. KTTC reports that the man was identified by family members as 23-year-old Paul Beuleoh.

Forbidden romance murder

A Texas girl and three of her friends are in custody for the murder of her family the Assoctiated Press reports.
The girl, whose name had not been released because she is a minor, killed her family because she was not allowed to date one of the guys who helped in the killing. The father Terry Caffey was shot in the head but managed to crawl to the neighbor’s house and get help.
The rest of the girl's family, her mom and two brothers were all shot and stabbed before the house burned down with them inside.
The attack occurred in the small town of Alba in East Texas according to CNN. The murders rocked the rural area where the family was well known and called "good Christian people" by neighbors.

Putin picked candidate wins

Dmitri A. Medvedev has won the Russian presidential election The New York Times reported Sunday.
Medvedev who has never held political office, was selected by Putin as his successor. Medvedev was a lawyer and First Deputy Prime Minister under Putin.
The question now is what role Putin will play. Following constitutional rules Putin was not allowed to seek a third term. He has done much to consolidate the Russian government into a one part state.
After Putin endorsed Medvedev last December the election race has been nothing more than a coronation for Medvedev according to The Washington Post.
Putin has said he will stay on as Medvedev's Prime Minister and expand the role.
The whole situation begs the question: will Medvedev be a real leader or nothing more than a figurehead puppet for a Putin to continue to rule through?
Time will tell but for now Medvedev is looking forward saying "mood is good, spring is here."