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Borrowing a Billion

The Minnesota State Senate Tuesday approved a $1 billion borrowing plan MPR reported.
The bill would help pay for public building projects like college campus construction and state Capitol restoration as well as landfill remediation and hiking trail upgrades.
Sen. Keith Langseth said "You know, the best time to build is during the recession." He and other members of the Senate Capital Investment Committee scaled back the $1 billion bill from its original request for $3.5 billion.
Still Gov. Tim Pawlenty would like to see the bill cut back even further in light of projected state budget deficit.
Some Republicans including Pawlenty have suggested a 10 percent decrease bringing the bill to around $825 million.
Despite asking for cut backs to the overall cost The Associated Press reports that the bill lacks funding for a new state park that Pawlenty proposed.
The bill easily passed in the Senate with a 51-7 vote and is expected to be voted on in the House Thursday. The hope is to have a bill on Pawlenty's desk by March 15 so that some of the projects can be started this spring.