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Frontrunner now Franken

Mike Ciresi announced Monday that he will no longer campaign for Senate MPR reports.
After a lackluster campaign for US Senate Ciresi ended his bid for Senate today. "In my judgment, continuing the endorsement race would only lead to an unnecessary floor fight. It is time to step aside," Ciresi said.
Ciresi decided not to dump money into his campaign this time around hoping instead to win based on his stance on the issues.
Recently Ciresi criticized Al Franken on his political past and his current stance. He suggested that Franken will have a tough time against current Senator Norm Coleman.
Franken said he will not make a statement until he has had a chance to speak with Ciresi the Associated Press reports.
Franken's success has been attributed to his massive fund raising combined with his political affiliations and endorsements.
The dropping out of Ciresi makes Franken the lead candidate for the Democratic Party.
Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer another candidate said he has a legitimate chance to be elected and was actually doing better than Ciresi.