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Grand Old Party at 4 a.m.

A bill has passed through the Minnesota House Commerce and Labor Committee Tuesday that would allow bars to stay open till four a.m. during the Republican National Convention the Pioneer Press reports.
The new proposal addresses concerns previous bills neglected.
Minneapolis had already voted in favor of the earlier proposal while St. Paul said no.
Lawmakers did not want this to turn into a city versus city battle.
The new bill broadens the areas where bars can remain open. Instead of only downtown bars, the new legislation would grant bars from seven-county metro areas the ability to stay open late.
Also it cuts the run of four a.m. closing from 11 days down to five, eliminating the Friday and Saturday.
Another selling point of the bill is the cities right to choose which bars are granted permission to stay open KARE 11 reports.
Additionally the talk of a possible permit fee has some eager bar owners unhappy with the idea, “When you tack on an extra $2500 that I wasn't expecting to spend, it can hurt," Sam Bergstrom, general manager at Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub, said.