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Hungry Haitians

A mob of Haitian’s tried to break into the presidential palace on Tuesday The Associated Press reports.
The protesters were eventually disbanded when U.N. peacekeeping forces used rubber bullets and tear gas on the crowd. Many of them were shouting "We're hungry."
The unrest stems from the global rise in food cost. With many Haitians living on about $2 a day, they are having a difficult time keeping up.
Many of the staple foods like rice and milk have gone up 50 percent in the last year.
The BBC reports that many Haitians are describing their hunger like "eating bleach" because their stomachs burn from hunger.
UN envoy Hedi Annabi has called the situation "extremely fragile, highly reversible, and made even more fragile by the current socio-economic environment."
President Rene Preval has been criticized for focusing too much on political stability and failing to address the issue of poverty and hunger.