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Eerie Earthquakes?

RedOrbit.com reports that there have been a series of earthquakes occurring off the coast of Oregon recently.
In the past 10 days more than 600 earthquakes have been recorded off the coast of Oregon about 150 miles from Newport.
Many of the tremors have not been very big at all but some have reached magnitudes of 5.0 or higher.
Most of the quakes cannot be felt on land. So hydrophones are being used to listen to the shaking.
The earthquakes are strange because they are not following the pattern of quakes and aftershock.
Scientists listening to the tremors say they are unlike anything they have heard in 17 years of listening.
The earthquakes are not in danger of causing a tsunami because the plates are rubbing horizontally and not vertically Oregonlive.com reports.
Researchers hope to get a research ship in the area this week so they can do water tests to figure out what is going on.