May 4, 2008

Iron Man is Pure Gold

Iron Man tops the weekend box office bringing in over $100 million dollars reports.
The comic book story turned big screen hero helped jumpstart the cinema which has been recorded weak attendance all year.
Spring and summer are when most big name movies make their debut with all the Spider-man and X-men movies opening in May.
While passing the $100 million mark on opening weekend is a big achievement it is still less than last year’s comic book movie opening, Spider-man 3, which made over $150 million USA Today reports.
Spider-man 1 2 and 3 all had monster opening weekends but Spider-man 3's success dropped off quickly after the first weekend. Iron Man is expected to maintain its box office dominance for some time.

April 16, 2008

California Sreaming

Reuters reports that California will be struck by a major earthquake within the next 30 years scientists said.
The grim geological forecast comes from data analyzed in a new study that judges earthquake possibilities across the state.
The report finds that there is better than a 99 percent chance for an earthquake measuring 6.7 magnitude or higher.
The chances of a 7.5 magnitude quake happening in southern California are greater than in northern California, 37 percent versus 15 percent the Assoctiated Press reports.
Scientists cannot predict for sure where in the state the earthquake will happen but knowing one will helps.
The data should be "a wake-up call for residents to prepare for a natural disaster in earthquake country."
This is the first time the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), and California Geological Survey have collaborated to make a geological prediction.

April 10, 2008

Cheerleader Beat Down

Seven girls will be tried as adults for their role in the beating of a 16-year-old girl UPI reports.
The victim was lured into the house by the girls so they could record her beating and post it on youtube.
The attacks came as revenge for an online post that talked bad about the girls reports.
The beating went on for 30 minutes and left the victim with a concussion, hearing and vision loss.
The judge wants to make an example to the community and country through these girls. If convicted the girls may serve life in prison on the charges of battery and kidnapping.

April 4, 2008

Henry out after arrest

Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry was released after he was charged with assault the Washington Post reported.
Henry, 24, has had many previous incidents with the law, this being his 5th arrest since December 2005.
The young receiver was the third on the depth chart of one of the most talented receiving corps in the N.F.L.
Henry was suspended for eight games last season as part of the leagues crackdown on the player misconduct off the field the New York Times reports.
Bengals’ team president Mike Brown said "Chris Henry has forfeited his opportunity to pursue a career with the Bengals."
N.F.L. commissioner Roger Goodell said to Henry that this was his "last opportunity to salvage your NFL career," in a letter he wrote to Henry while on suspension last year.
*The two stories had different ages listed the post had 25 and the times had 24. 24 was correct*

March 28, 2008

Learn English Do Not Go To Jail

A judge has ordered three men to learn English or go to jail USA Today reported. The three defendants were ordered to learn how to read and write English as well as get GEDs and find full time employment. If they do not accomplish this they face 24 months in prison.
The ruling came after the three men used a translator to respond to the judge in court.
The judge responded "Do you think we are going to supply you with a translator all of your life?"
The judge has become known for his out of the ordinary sentencing FOX News reports.
He has had high school dropouts go back and finish school as well as make people get jobs.

March 11, 2008

Go Speed Racer?

Minnesota Twins centerfield prospect maybe fastest player in baseball the Pioneer Press reported Monday.
Carlos Gomez was acquired from the Mets in the Johan Santana deal and is one of three players battling for the centerfield job.
Gomez may just end up winning it Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said.
While has very little major league experience and is not considered a great on-base hitter his blinding speed and youth maybe all he needs to get the starting job.
Gardenhire has made decisions that went against popular opinion before and has hinted that he may do so again this season. "Sometimes you just have to go against the grain a little bit," Gardenhire said in the Pioneer Press.
Whether or not he is the fastest in baseball if you ask Gomez you are left with little doubt. "If somebody say they're faster, have him come here and we race," Gomez said.

March 4, 2008

Gone 4 Good

Brett Favre announced Tuesday that he will retire from pro football The Associated Press reports.
With the announcement comes the end of an era in Green Bay, where Favre has been the team’s quarterback for 16 seasons. During that time Favre has set a number of NFL records. Some good, like most wins and touchdowns in a career, and some bad, like most interceptions. All in all Favre will most likely be remembered for his ironman streak of 253 straight starts (275 including playoffs).
The news shocked many including his teammates. After a turnaround year and an unemotional finish the consensus was that Favre would return for one if not more seasons.
Favre's decision for not coming back was related to him being mentally tired and believing that anything but a Super Bowl victory would be failure.
The AP reported a spike in sales of Favre and Packer merchandise as well as a concentration of fans gathering in Green Bay.
Within hours of the announcement signs were hanging and fences were painted with messages and thanks to Favre.
The image of another quarterback coming out of the tunnel in Green Bay is something that will be hard to get used to.

March 2, 2008

Bored(games) online?

The Internet craze over a famous online board game is causing real life trouble for games producers The New York Times reports.
An online knockoff of the classic board game Scrabble, called Scrabulous, has taken the Internet by storm. Ever since the game was added as an application on the popular networking site Facebook, the game has grown to over 700,000 players a day and nearly three million registered users.
The online version of the game offers a new way to play that is easy and favorable to an on the go world. The online version has also lead to a large number of new players.
Mattel and Hasbro, the distributors of the game, call Scrabulous piracy and are threatening to bring legal action against the two Calcutta brothers who made the game the United Press International reports.

February 19, 2008


Toshiba announced Tuesday that they will no longer make or market HD DVD products ABC news reported.
The war for which format would eventually become the standard has been going on since 2000 when the two competing companies Sony and Toshiba started to invest money in high definition discs.
When Warner Bros. decided to back Sony's Blu Ray format earlier this month HD DVD finally gave up the battle.
In a war reminiscent of the VHS Betamax battles of the 80s Sony's wins this time around with the Blu Ray.
Many movie studios as well as rental and distribution places have decided to support only Blu Ray which has caused HD DVD to step down and declare Sony the winner.
Computerworld says that in the end it came down to capacity. Blu Ray has more and that is what consumers as well as movie studios want.

February 16, 2008

NBA Moving and Shaking reports that Mike Bibby will be traded.
The Sacramento Kings star point guard will be traded to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for a draft pick and four players, including 2006 fifth overall pick Shelden Williams.
This move sends Bibby, a veteran and playoff tested point guard, from the west to the east where the Hawks are making a run for the playoffs The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.
All this comes after many other big trades around the association. The Lakers got a solid all around big man in Pau Gasol and the Suns added Shaq to their line up in hopes that he will be the final piece to the championship puzzle.
The Dallas Mavericks blockbuster trade for Jason Kidd was scratched after a Dallas player enacted his no trade clause. The Mavericks now only have until February 22nd to restructure a deal to bring Kidd to Dallas before the NBA trade deadline.
These moves come during a season which had many big names move prior to the seasons start. Players like Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen were traded to the Celtics who are now the NBA's best team.
The teams that made these trades including the Hawks hope to see the same results the Celtics did as the NBA begins the second half of the season.

February 10, 2008

A Giant Victory

The New York football Giants won the Super Bowl thanks in part to an amazing fourth quarter catch the Associated Press reported.
The catch, which is destined to go down as one of the most amazing plays in Super Bowl history, kept the drive alive that led to the Giants eventual game winning score.
David Tyree, who is a little known receiver for the Giants, has spent more time on special teams making tackles than on offense making catches. He made a circus catch on a desperate toss by pressured quarterback Eli Manning, jumping as high as he could in the midst of numerous defenders and even using his helmet to help secure the ball. Tyree somehow maintained possession and gave the Giants better field position and a new set of downs which set up the game's final touchdown.
The Associated Press is also reporting that this was the highest watched Super Bowl ever. With 97.5 million viewers it eclipsed the previous high of 94.08 million. It was also the second highest watch television show ever behind the 1983 series finale of M*A*S*H which still holds the record at 103 million viewers.

February 2, 2008

Santana traded. Whats the big deal?

Twins pitching ace Johan Santana finalized a deal with the New York Mets on Friday reports the New York Times. The deal makes Santana the highest paid pitcher in league history as well as the second highest annual salary in all of baseball behind Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez.
The deal sends Santana to the Mets in exchange for one centerfielder and three pitchers. The Twins get an up-and-coming centerfielder who will most likely replace the spot vacated by Torii Hunter, and three young unproven pitching prospects. The Mets get a new headliner to go along with a already strong pitching rotation as well as keeping the core of the team intact.
Johan Santana gets something too, $150 million and an extended six year contract. Santana also will now pitch in the lights of New York City and get a chance to steal some of the spotlight from city rival Yankees.
With the finalizing of this deal major league baseball and many of its players got something too, a glimpse of the future of free agent paydays. Santana's contract is nearly $25 million more than the previous blockbuster deal signed by Barry Zito of the Giants last offseason and over $3 million more annually than the Cubs Carlos Zambrano.
Jayson Stark of says "it was definitely a great day in the life of C.C. Sabathia, too." Sabathia is the reigning Cy Young winner and is set to be a free agent after this season which means he could be seeing lots of dollar signs in his future.
In the end you have two teams going in different directions and a salary increase that will likely set the bar for star pitching contracts in the coming years.