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Ecuador Chooses New Assembly

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is hoping to dissolve Congress by creating a constituent assembly to write a new charter for the country.

Correa says he wants to diminish the influence of traditional parties and cut down on corruption, but opponents say his true goal is to increase his presidential power, said BBC News.

The assembly would have the power to dismiss any elected official, said the Associated Press.

According to the BBC, the voting system has left many Ecuadorians confused or undecided. The ballot lists around 3,200 candidates, including beauty queens, a masked crime fighter called The Punisher, and a monk who urges people to take from the rich and give to the poor.

Correa considers himself a friend of Hugo Chavez. The assembly could be a step towards socialism, said the AP.

The BBC News story was shorter than the AP's. I was a little confused about what the constituent assembly was after reading the BBC's story. It wasn't until I read the more detailed AP story that I really understood how it would work.