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Prisons Ban Books

All religious books not on a list of approved titles have been banned from prison libraries by the Bureau of Prisons.

According to the New York Times, religious resources have been limited to 150 approved titles for each of 20 major religions. The decision was based on a recommendation by the Justice Department listing steps for prisons to take in order to avoid becoming militant religious groups' training grounds.

Instead of compiling a list of banned titles, a limited list of approved titles was created. Experts say it's unclear why some titles were included and others were not. Thousands of books were removed from the shelves of prisons.

The Washington Post said that this potentially violates the limited rights of prisoners and limits one of prisoners few sources of hope: religion.

The Washington Post article was written by a columnist reacting to the New York Times article. Accordingly, the New York Times piece was more fact based and left opinion out.