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Protest in Washington DC

Thousands of activists marched in Washington DC Sept. 15, most in protest of the Iraq war, some in support of it. The protest ended with the arrests of 189 people.

According to the Washington Post, the protest was peaceful for most of the day, but arrests were made after a number of protesters attempted to climb over a barrier. Some protesters said they wanted to be arrested.

There was some conflict between pro-war and anti-war protesters. Heated comments were traded and police were forced to break up at least one altercation, said the New York Times.

The protesters came from all over the country. The ANSWER Coalition brought together a number of anti-war organizations, while the Gathering of Eagles represented many of the pro-war activists.

The main difference between the New York Times coverage and that of the Washington Post is that the New York Times focused almost exclusively on the conflicts and altercations that occured during the protests, while the Washington Post spent a lot of time describing the different views represented and the other events of the day.